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More Doctor Who Goodies

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Character Options have are set to release another wave of classic Doctor Who figures.

On Monday 10th August there is a Tom Baker set featuring the 4th Doctor, a Dalek from Destiny of the Daleks, including bombs attached around its rim, a robot mummy from Pyramids of Mars complete with canopic jar and SV5 from Robots of Death, this now makes 3 robot figures from this story.


On August 12th they will release a 3rd Colin Baker figure which is taken post regeneration from the Caves of Androzani, the 6th Doctor wears the 5th Doctors costume which is also covered in dirt.


At the end of  October, Charater will release what I at least have been waiting for, 2 3rd Doctor figures featuring Jon Pertwee in 2 costumes. Set 1 will feature a long frock coated 3rd Doctor and a Sea Devil from the story of the same name.


The second set will feature a silver dalek with black sensor nodes, from the story Death to the Daleks (1974).  The 3rd Doctor wears a blue dinner jacket with red trim and high boots.


Finally a second trio Dalek set will be available featuring  a Saucer Pilot Dalek from ‘Dalek Invasion of Earth’ (1964), an Emperor’s Guard Dalek from ‘Evil of the Daleks’ (1967) and Supreme Dalek from ‘Day of the Daleks’ (1972) all ready to bother Jon Pertwee.


This set is available from August 10th.


DVD Release – The Deadly Assassin

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dvd_TheDeadlyAssassinNow available to buy at all good DVD stores and websites…price varies!

Genesis of the Daleks – Episode Guide

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Soldiers with gas masks and machine guns fire at and kill one another on a misty plain of rubble and dirt. From out of the mist, the Doctor waves his hands, snapping at the Time Lords for intercepting a transmat beam, something very dangerous. A Time Lord in black hood and cloak appears as the Doctor rants about the Time Lord’s continual interference in his life. The Time Lord tells the Doctor that their people have interrupted transmat beams for a long time, a simple thing for their race. The Time Lord tells the Doctor they have something for him to do for them. The Doctor won’t hear of it until the Time Lord snaps one word, “Daleks.” The Doctor then says, “Tell me more.” The Time Lords foresee a time when Daleks become the dominant creatures in the universe. They want the Doctor to avert their creation or affect their genetic development so that they become less aggressive creatures or if he cannot, to find one inherent weakness. The Doctor tells him one more time he will do their dirty work. He asks for the coordinates to Skaro so he can set the TARDIS to it but the Time Lord tells him, “This is Skaro.” He gives the Doctor a time ring so that when his mission is finished, he can return to the TARDIS. When the Doctor looks up, the Time Lord has vanished, leaving the Doctor to yell, “Don’t just disappear! What about Sarah and Harry?”

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The Robots of Death – Episode Guide

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Leela and the Doctor arrive in the scoop of a massive sandminer, Storm Mine 4, which is combing an alien world for precious ores (lucanol and zelanite amongst others) for the controlling company.

The miner is run by Commander Uvanov and his small human crew aided by numerous robots which are split into three classes: in overall control is a single Super Voc, under him come the Voc class robots, and at the bottom of the hierarchy are the mute Dum robots. Almost as soon as the Doctor and Leela escape from the scoop and into the main part of the ship, just prior to a sandstorm, mysterious deaths start to occur, beginning with the strangulation of mineralogist Chub.

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DVD Release – Image of the Fendahl

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An anachronistic twelve-million-year-old human skull has been discovered by archaeologists and is now being used by Professor Fendelman in his time scanner experiments at Fetch Priory in contemporary England. The skull is actually an artifact of the Fendahl, an ancient creature that feeds on the life force of others.


Drawn by the operation of the scanner, the Doctor and Leela arrive as the experiments reach a peak. The skull is exerting an influence over the mind of Thea Ransome, one of the scientists in Fendelman’s team, and glowing with power each time the scanner is activated. Thea is eventually transformed into the Fendahl core, and a group of acolytes assembled by Maximillian Stael – another of Fendelman’s team, who is trying to harness the creature’s power for his own ends – are converted into snake-like Fendahleen.

The Doctor shows the remaining scientist, Adam Colby, and two locals, Martha Tyler and her son Jack, how to defend themselves against the Fendahleen using rock salt. By activating the scanner once more, he triggers an implosion that destroys both the Priory and the Fendahl core.

Due for release April 20th

Classic Doctor Who comes to iTunes

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And it’s about bloody time, if you forgive the pun!


At last, the BBC and iTunes have pulled their collective fingers out of their backsides and have made classic episodes of Doctor Who available on iTunes for the first time in the UK. This now makes us more or less equal to the US where they have been available for some time. Late last year the BBC made the new series available, which included the 2008 Christmas special, which was available to download days before the DVD was released in the shops.

The classic episodes now available on iTunes include some stories that have previously been released on VHS but not on DVD, such as Jon Pertwee’s very last story; The Planet of the Spiders.

The classic collection which has so far been released only includes stories from Jon Pertwee’s era and Tom Bakers, but it’s a start and they promise more. I’m hoping they release the Key to Time series as the DVD boxset was way overpriced in my opinion.

So all you collectors out there, get downloading. It’s time to fill the gaps in your digital collections!

E-Space Trilogy DVD Boxset

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Released 26th January RRP £34.99