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2nd Doctor: Opening Title Sequence

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Patrick Troughton made his debut as The Doctor on 05/11/1966, but the decision to refresh the titles and add his face was not taken until March 1967, when the series logo was reset. Delia Derbyshire tweaked her music by mixing in some spooky “spangle” sound effects over the opening bars.


The Next Doctor – 2008 Christmas Special Preview

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A new trailer has been released by the BBC for the up coming Christmas special. To view the trailer in the BBc’s iPlayer click here. For those of you who may not be able to view this video, I’ll try and locate a decent version on YouTube.

David Tennant hands over the TARDIS keys

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It’s now been confirmed by the BBC that David Tennant will stand down as the 10th Doctor at the end of series 5 (2009). The show which will only consist of 4 specials in 2009 will feature his regeneration at the end of the last special, ushering in a new, 11th Doctor for Christmas 2009.

BBC News say:

David Tennant is to stand down as Doctor Who, after becoming one of the most popular Time Lords in the history of the BBC science fiction show.

Tennant stepped into the Tardis in 2005, and will leave the role after four special episodes are broadcast next year.

He made the announcement after winning the outstanding drama performance prize at the National Television Awards.

“When Doctor Who returns in 2010 it won’t be with me,” he said.

“Now don’t make me cry,” he added. “I love this part, and I love this show so much that if I don’t take a deep breath and move on now I never will, and you’ll be wheeling me out of the Tardis in my bath chair.”

‘I’ll miss it’

Three years was “about the right time” to play the role, he told the BBC in an exclusive interview.

“I think it’s better to go when there’s a chance that people might miss you, rather than to hang around and outstay your welcome,” he said.

His stint in the show had been “the most extraordinary time, it’s been bewildering, life changing, very exciting”, he said.

“And just so much fun, such a great show to work on.

“That’s one of the reasons I think it’s right to take a deep breath and bow out when it’s still fun, when it’s a novelty.

“I don’t ever want it to feel like a job, so I want to move on when it still feels exciting and fresh and that means I’ll miss it.”

For more Information click here or to watch the TV interview click here

1st Doctor: Opening Title Sequence

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The title sequence (clip above) was created by Bernard Lodge, who filmed and manipulated the “howlaround” feedback of a TV camera pointing at its own monitor. A column of light rises before ripping and swirling, as if to suggest a journey through time. Delia Derbyshire’s extraordinary original arrangement of the famous Ron Grainer theme music accompanies this footage, in its day the most alien-sounding piece of music ever recorded and still prone to sending a shiver up the spine.

In the pilot, William Hartnell’s Doctor was distant and almost callous. The director called for the episode to be remounted, with the star’s performance toned down for the recording of what became Doctor Who – Episode One, first shown on BBC TV on 23/11/1963. The opportunity was taken to tweak the title music too, removing the scary extra-terrestrial sound effects, but the filmed graphics stayed the same. This title sequence and music were retained well beyond Hartnell’s departure in 1966.

The Next Doctor…really?

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Now that the speculation about David Morrisey being the next doctor has died down and finally been put to rest as rubbish. The rumour mill has started again with another actor. This time, more controversial than the rumours about having a female Doctor. This time the rumour mill is stating that the next Doctor will be black.

Paterson Joseph to be precise. Paterson is no stranger to Doctor Who having played Roderick in the Season 1 episode, Bad Wolf.

As the Doctor has stated on many occasions, he never knows what he may turn into. The idea of a black Doctor doesn’t send me running, I’ll still watch the show, but the purists who screamed over the rumours of Jennifer Saunders taking a stint in the TARDIS will have apoplexy over this one.

I’m sure the daily tabloids will also have a field day coming up with headlines if this rumour turns out to be true!

As with the Doctor himself, only time will tell if the rumour becomes reality and we’ll all have to wait until 2010.

I still fancy the idea of Sean Pertwee in the role myself, that would be fitting and in a small way kind of comforting too. You see I’m a 3rd Doctor man myself, he was my first and all the others, including Tom Baker just never seemed right. Sylvester McCoy came in close, but just never quite made it.

Ice Warriors

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The Ice Warriors, under used villians in my opinion, have only been seen in 4 classic Doctor Who stories, their first appearance in the Ice Warriors in 1967, The Seeds of Death in 1969, The Curse of Peladon in 1972 and finally in The Monster of Peladon in 1974.

They remain one of the small number of monsters that people remember from the classic series such as the Sea Devils, Zygons along with the now revived Autons, Daleks and Cybermen.

The Ice Warriors originally came from Mars, and are basically repitillian, with cybernetic armoured carapaces. As the Doctor comments in the clip below, “they are a savage and war like race.” It would be nice to see them revived once more in the new series with a 21st century make over.

Below is a montage clip taken from all stories.

The Seeds of Death is available to buy on DVD.

Battlefield DVD Release

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Released 29th December 2008