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Sarah Jane & the Doctor, together again.

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The fantastic Sarah jane Adventures has always lacked one thing, a real cross over from Doctor Who of some of the other characters. Well in this “gap year” for the 10th Doctor, Russell T davies has confirmed that David Tennant will make a crossover appearance in a two part story of the third season of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Russell confirms that it won’t just be a 5 minute grinning appearance at the end, but a full blown participation in the story. He states that it will be a 50% Sarah and 50% Doctor story; both reunited to fight a fearsome foe.


Calling all would be Doctor Who writers…

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For years now most Doctor Who stories that have been shown on television have been novelised at some point. This also includes the stories that no longer exist on film or are missing from the BBC’s film archive.

For some strange reason the BBC have made the decision not to novelise the new stories that have been shown since 2005. Instead they have chosen to commission new stories for their range of books.

I feel sad that they have decided not to release the new series stories in book form as I believe it could introduce The Doctor to a whole new audience.

To this end I am inviting all would be writers to get in touch. There are 57 stories that have so far been shown on British TV, including the latest, Planet of the Dead. You may choose your own story, provided that it hasn’t already been taken by someone else. All stories will feature either the 9th and 10th Doctors and companions featured in that story. The novels should remain faithful to the transmitted script and plot lines. The drama of the writing is then down to you. 

In return for writing the novelised story, I will publish it in hardback book form. You will recieve a free copy.

These books will be fan written, for fans of the show and not for profit. Your friends and family will be able to purchase a copy of your book for the price it costs to produce it. I will donate my own time in producing and designing the cover of the book, to which I will try and remain faithfull to the covers of the books published by the BBC.

If you feel you would like to try your hand (or pen) at novelising one of the stories from the new series, please contact me via this blog.

iTunes – Planet of the Dead

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Now available as a HD and normal quality download from iTunes. Price £2.99

DVD Release – Planet of the Dead

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Contrary to what has been said regarding the DVD release date for this years Easter special, the BBC have confirmed the release date to be 26th June 2009.


10th Doctor – iPhone Wallpaper

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Love and Monsters – Episode Guide

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A young man runs across a barren industrial field, and emerges near a large warehouse to see a tall blue police box standing alone. As if he recognises it he reaches out to touch the door but as he does he hears a scream from inside the warehouse, a young girl calling out to a man called the Doctor; telling him to look out.

He runs inside to hear the voices of both the Doctor and the young girl calling out to each other in order to find something. The young man runs to try and find them and emerges in a long corridor with a door at one end. Slowly he approaches as he hears a clanging sound coming from inside. He reaches for the handle and pulls it open, revealing a huge snarling beast behind.

Sometime later, present day: the young man is sitting before a camcorder, imitating what happened when he opened the door some time before. He looks straight into the camera and tells his would be audience that if they thought that was the most exciting day of his life, then wait to hear the rest. “Oh boy.” Continue reading

New Earth – Episode Guide

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Whilst the Doctor enters the TARDIS and begins to activate various controls, Rose remains outside to bid farewell to Jackie and Mickey. Soon she joins her friend inside the craft and in no time at all they are spinning through the time vortex. When Rose enquires as to where they are going, the Doctor explains excitedly:

“Further than we’ve ever gone before” Continue reading