David Tennant

10thInto the future… David Tennant is now the current incarnation of the Doctor, playing the tenth version of the Time Lord for BBC television starting with “The Christmas Invasion,” the 2005 Christmas special. (Though, technically, before that: in the short Children In Need special that aired in November 2005, which serves primarily as a ‘prologue’ for the Christmas special.) Billie Piper remained as his companion Rose Tyler for a further year. As a special treat to an older generation of fans, Russell T Davies brought back Elisabeth Sladen’s fiesty Sarah Jane Smith for a one off appearance in School Reunion. At the end of the second year Billie Piper announced she would be leaving and was to be replaced in the third year by Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, the third series; broadcast through the spring of 2007 was received well by the general public who had come to hold Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler with high esteem. There had been doubts as to whether Freema was a strong enough actress to fill the void left by Billie Piper and sure enough at the end of the third year, it was announced that she would not be returning for the full 4th season.

Instead David Tennant was joined in the TARDIS by comedian Catherine Tate. Catherine wowed audiences worldwide with her acting ability and has proven to be one of the Doctor’s favourite companions since the reimagining of the show. Catherine Tate remained as the Doctor’s companion until the end of the 4th year which also saw the reintroduction of the most evil baddie of them all; Davros.

As the end of the 4th year drew nigh it was announced that Russell T Davies would leave the show as Executive Producer and Stephen Moffat, who had written episodes such as Blink and The Silence in the Library would take over. At the same time David tennant announced to a stunned public that he would only be returning for one further year. A year which would only see the production of 4 Doctor Who specials, starting with an Easter special entitled The Planet of the Dead and ending with a regeneration sequence in the final Christmas special in 2009, where he hands over the TARDIS key for 2010 to Matt Smith.


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