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New Earth – Episode Guide

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Whilst the Doctor enters the TARDIS and begins to activate various controls, Rose remains outside to bid farewell to Jackie and Mickey. Soon she joins her friend inside the craft and in no time at all they are spinning through the time vortex. When Rose enquires as to where they are going, the Doctor explains excitedly:

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Gridlock – Episode Guide

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On a grainy television screen mounted into a space-age car, Sally Calypso gives the latest traffic report. The old couple listening look on in terror as something outside rocks the vehicle too and fro. The husband calls for the police using a radio but is put on hold as the cabin continues to rock violently.

His wife scolds him for telling the authorities they had three passengers but it is no use. Showers of sparks rain from the ceiling as something breaks inside. The couple scream but no one is listening, and soon the only voice to be heard is Sally Calypso signing off.

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