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Planet of the Dead

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 Michelle Ryan, star of British TV and star of the the NBC remake of The Bionic Woman, is set to join David Tennant’s Doctor aboard the TARDIS this easter in the first of the four specials scheduled for 2009. The rumour mill has been working overtime with suggestions of special reappearances by classic Doctor Who monsters and villains such as The Nimon and the Zarbi. As ever the BBC are keeping very tight lipped.


The Easter special is called The Planet of the Dead and will also star British comedian and film actor Lee Evans. Lee’s filmography includes, Mousehunt, There’s Something About Mary, Fifth Element and The Producers.



Doctor Who Magazine – issue 405

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8th Doctor – Opening Title Sequence

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A UK-USA co-production resulted in this 1996 TV Movie, directed by Geoffrey Sax, in which Paul McGann replaced Sylvester McCoy. The theme music was re-arranged by John Debney to place Ron Grainer’s famous middle eight at the start. Unfortunately the full John Williams-esque orchestral performance totally submerges the alien quality which made the original 60s/70s recordings so spooky. The graphic design is more successful, reviving Bernard Lodge’s 1970 logo in 3D-CGI.

7th Doctor – Opening Title Sequence

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“3 years is the optimum period for an actor to play the Doctor”, said the BBC, so Colin Baker was fired and Sylvester McCoy cast. Cue a new title sequence, the first to be realised with CGI. The independent company CAL Video generated the graphics, designed by Oliver Elmes. Meanwhile Keff McCulloch was handed the commission of re-arranging the theme tune, and composing almost all the incidental music heard within the McCoy episodes. I love the graphics, especially the TARDIS trapped in a bubble.

6th Doctor – Opening Title Sequence

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Colin Baker played the Doctor from series 21 onwards as brash and colourful, so Sutton was instructed to make the titles brash and colourful. He animated the Doctor’s face by dissolving from a frown photo to that of a beaming grin – possibly the friendliest that Colin Baker ever looked during his short tenure! Plus, rather than forming from stars, the neon logo now zoomed into place via DVE, bent down at the edges and tinted purple. The old saying suggests that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” a saying that John Nathan Turner cheerfully ignored. For series 23 in 1986, he dropped Peter Howell’s fantastic theme arrangement, in favour of Dominic Glynn’s less-than-pleasing “bedroom bontempi” version.