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Smith and Jones – Episode Guide

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On a busy London street medical student Martha Jones is on her way to work; but her day has not begun peacefully. Speaking to her sister Tish, brother Leo, mother Francine and father Clive in turn on her mobile phone, she finds herself in the midst of an argument concerning Leo’s upcoming 21st birthday party; the crux of the debate being the presence of her father’s new girlfriend at the event.

As she turns off her phone a tall man with a long brown coat steps out in front of her, taking off his tie.

“Like so…see”

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The Stolen Earth – Episode Guide

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At the beginning of the episode—which immediately follows the episode “Turn Left”—the Earth is teleported out of its spatial location shortly after the Doctor and his companion Donna Noble arrive to investigate Rose Tyler’s warning. The Doctor contacts the Shadow Proclamation, a universal police force, to find Earth. They determine that twenty-seven missing planets—including Earth, Adipose III, Pyrovillia, the Lost Moon of Poosh—reorganise when placed near each other. Donna mentions the disappearance of bees on contemporary Earth; this allows the Doctor to trace the planets to the Medusa Cascade, an interuniversal rift.

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