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The Impossible Planet – Episode Guide

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The TARDIS uneasily lands in a small metallic room. As the lights inside flicker the door opens and the Doctor and Rose emerge, the Time Lord commenting that the ship seems a bit queasy, as if it didn’t want to land. Rose suggests that if there is a sign of trouble they could get back in the TARDIS and leave. They both think for a second then laugh, mocking the idea. They calm down and the Doctor looks around, theorising that they have landed inside a cupboard.

He opens a large heavy door before him and steps out into a corridor. He notes that they are in some kind of base. He reels off a list of bases; moon base, sea base, space base; before commenting that these were all built out of kits. As he goes to open another door Rose looks around her and listens to the howling wind outside. She tells her friend that she’s glad they landed indoors; it sounds like a storm outside.

As they emerge in a long corridor they walk along, the Doctor explaining how humans tend to have a lust for kits; telling her that the base was put up like a flat-pack wardrobe only bigger. And easier.

After passing through another door into a large room full of tables and chairs, the Doctor realises that they are in a sanctuary base, used for deep space exploration. After realising they have flown right to the edge of the universe the Doctor notes there is a faint sound below them; someone is drilling.

Rose replies by saying, “welcome to hell”. The Doctor muses that it isn’t that bad but Rose laughs, explaining that it is written on the wall opposite. The Doctor turns to see the message scrawled across the wall, with lots of symbols scrawled underneath. He walks forward and crouches by the wall, claiming it odd that it won’t translate. Rose comments that she thought the TARDIS could translate writing as well as speech and that they should be seeing English. The Doctor concludes that if the writing will not be translated it must mean the text is old, very old, impossibly old.

He springs to his feet and tells Rose they must find out who is in charge. He begins to open another of the doors by turning a large wheel lock, like one from a submarine, to let them through. He explains that they have travelled beyond the TARDIS’ knowledge and that is not a good idea. He opens the door and he and Rose turn to the area behind it, where a group of aliens are waiting for them. They stand looking at the travellers through slit-like eyes inside a domed head fronted by tentacles for mouths. They are dressed in dark drapes and hold large glowing globes in their hands.

The Doctor greets them and comments on what a nice place the base is. The creature closest to them clicks on his globe, which glows and as he does so he tells them “we must feed”. Rose realises the creatures are talking about them and as the creatures begin to repeat the phrase the travellers run back to the door they came through, but more of the creatures are already walking through it, as well as the other doors leading into the room.

The Doctor takes out his sonic screwdriver and aims it at their attackers as Rose picks up a chair to fend the creatures off as they advance, chiming “we must feed”… Continue reading


The Satan Pit – Episode Guide

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As the Ood advance on Jefferson, Rose and the guard, the militant man opens fire with his machine gun, blasting the creatures before them whilst in the control room Zack realises the planet is stabilizing and closes the observation hatch above his head.

Now free to move Rose, Jefferson and the guard make their way back to a communication station where the young traveller tries to contact the Doctor and Ida, but the others cannot pay attention, something is trying to open the door behind them. It bursts open and a startled looking Danny enters, hastily locking the door behind him. Continue reading

The Time Squad

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Character Options, which recently renewed its license with the BBC to produce action figures and related merchandise for Doctor Who and its spin-offs, will be launching a new line of “mini” figures in March, according to Action Figure.

The new line, called “Time Squad”, features cartoon-like sculptures of characters from the first four seasons of the relaunched Doctor Who.

The new figures will be available in both 2- and 5-pack sets.

Planet of the Ood – Episode Guide

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The Doctor uses the TARDIS to land at a random point in time and space. On leaving the TARDIS, he and Donna find an injured Ood, a species the Doctor previously encountered in “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”. Just before dying, the Ood’s eyes turn red and it makes a lunge for the Doctor, startling him with its ferocity. The Doctor muses that they were being influenced by the Devil on their previous encounter, and concludes that on this occasion they must be being influenced by a different and closer being. The Doctor and Donna find an industrial complex controlled by Ood Operations, who have been selling the Ood as a servant race since 3914.[1] The Doctor locates their position: the Ood-Sphere in the year 4126 close to the Sense-Sphere which he had visited “ages ago”.

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