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School Reunion – Episode Guide

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Headmaster Finch walks the staircases and corridors of his school, before approaching his office only to find a young girl sitting outside. She explains that she is ill with a headache and Matron has sent her to see him. He asks why she cannot just go home and she explains she lives in Ambrose Hall, the local orphanage. He sympathises and ushers her inside his office. It’s nearly time for lunch. As he closes the door he takes a peek back outside before closing it completely. The shadows through the frosted glass window shift and change, as the girl lets out a scream.

Elsewhere in the schoolchildren are rushing to lessons at the sound of the bell. Some of them pile into a science lab, followed by their teacher. He walks to his desk and sets down his bag before greeting his students. It’s the Doctor. Continue reading


E-Space Trilogy DVD Boxset

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Released 26th January RRP £34.99

Journey’s End – Episode Guide

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The episode continues from the end of “The Stolen Earth”; the Doctor (David Tennant) is regenerating inside the TARDIS. Once his body has healed, he halts the transformation by transferring the remaining energy into his severed hand. The TARDIS is captured by the Daleks and transported to the Crucible—the Dalek flagship.

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