Classic Doctor Who comes to iTunes

And it’s about bloody time, if you forgive the pun!


At last, the BBC and iTunes have pulled their collective fingers out of their backsides and have made classic episodes of Doctor Who available on iTunes for the first time in the UK. This now makes us more or less equal to the US where they have been available for some time. Late last year the BBC made the new series available, which included the 2008 Christmas special, which was available to download days before the DVD was released in the shops.

The classic episodes now available on iTunes include some stories that have previously been released on VHS but not on DVD, such as Jon Pertwee’s very last story; The Planet of the Spiders.

The classic collection which has so far been released only includes stories from Jon Pertwee’s era and Tom Bakers, but it’s a start and they promise more. I’m hoping they release the Key to Time series as the DVD boxset was way overpriced in my opinion.

So all you collectors out there, get downloading. It’s time to fill the gaps in your digital collections!


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