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The Sarah Jane Adventures – Season 1 – DVD Boxset

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sarahjaneadv_s1Now available from all good DVD stockists. RRP £24.99


2 minute preview – Xmas 2008 special

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Alternate Remixes: Opening Title Sequences

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As I’m going away for a few weeks, I thought I’d share this rather fun take on alternative Doctor Who themes I found on YouTube. There are 10 alternative mixes of the familiar tunes that we know, fused together with the video title sequences. It should keep you happy until I get back!

For the anoraks amongst you, here’s the breakdown of what you’re listening to:

0:00-0:50 1st Dr – Dr. Who – Eric Winstone & His Orchestra

0:48-1:10 2nd Dr – Dr. Who – Don Harper’s Homo Electronicus

1:10-2:35 3rd Dr – “Who is the Doctor” – Sung by Jon Pertwee, Theme performed by Rupert Hine

4th Dr – Dr. Who – Geoff Love & His Orchestra

late 4th Dr/5th Dr – Dr.Who: Cosmic Remix – Mankind

6th Dr – Doctor Who: Terror Version – Dominic Glynn

7th Dr – Doctorin’ the TARDIS (Instrumental) – The Timelords/The KLF

8th Dr – Dr.Who – Mark Ayres

9th Dr – Dr.Who – The London Theatre Orchestra

10th Dr – Doctor? – Orbital

Cybermen iPhone Wallpaper

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4th Doctor: Opening Title Sequence

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By 1974, with Tom Baker assuming the title rôle, graphics designer Bernard Lodge hit his stride with arguably the best title sequence in the series’ history. He applied the slit-scan technique to images of the TARDIS and a morose-looking Baker, thereby evoking the most sensational time tunnel effects. Possibly the scariest bit is when the diamond logo dissolves out of the time tunnel, accompanied by a loud hiss of gas.

An experimental colour change with brown and orange filters in 1975 was transmitted on episode one of Baker’s second story The Ark in Space, but deemed unsuccessful. The original version of this sequence was retained from series 12 right up to series 17 in 1979; the only change made was a variation in the font used to spell out the story names and writers’ credits. 

SFX Magazine celebrates 45years of Doctor Who

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1st Doctor - William Hartnell

This months issue of SFX magazine features a 45th anniversary celebration for Doctor Who. To celebrate they have released no fewer than 10 different covers for the December issue.

Their website boasts “The main attraction in our celebration of Doctor Who is our enormous retrospective feature, where we ask Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Stephen Fry, Clive Barker, Paul Cornell and Mark Gatiss to talk about their love for the show. We have the world exclusive first word on this year’s Christmas special, too, and to top it all off, we’ve got a great competition where you can win all four series of Doctor Who on DVD!”

You can see all 10 covers above, click on the thumbnails for larger views. Which one would you buy? I bought the Jon Pertwee version.

New Christmas Special Trailer

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As promised the video for the new Christmas Special Trailer.

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