The Rise of the Cybermen – Episode Guide


In a laboratory in a place unknown, a blinding light silhouettes a robotic figure amongst the pieces of machinery. A scientist working in the lab informs his superior that ‘it’ is working. The other man, seated in the shadows, explains that that is not the correct terminology. He moves forward on a large motorised wheel chair and tells him: this is not a machine. The scientist corrects himself. It’s alive.

The man in the chair asks if the creature can hear him. The scientist explains that it may be in a state of shock; the brain has been welded to the exoskeleton. The seated man marvels at his new creation: skin of metal, and a body that will never age. He envies it. He turns to face it and asks if it knows him. He orders it to answer and asks again. Slowly the creature answers, he is John Lumic. Lumic marvels at what stands before him, his child. It is ready, he tells his friend Dr Kendrick to mark this day, that are blessed.

Yet Kendrick explains this is a new form of life and they must inform Geneva of it’s existence, it contravenes the Bio-Convention. They must ratify it. However Lumic knows they will never allow this creature life, and decides he shall not apply to ratification. Kendrick apologises but it is his duty to inform them. Lumic stares at him and asks how he shall do that from beyond the grave. Kendrick does not understand, but it is too late to escapes. The hazy shape of the creature has crept up behind him and on Lumic’s orders it reaches for Kendrick’s neck, electrocuting him. He writhes in agony and falls to the ground.

Lumic turns away and activates a communication link. He calls for his captain to contact all staff and explain they have a new destination. “Set sail for Great Britain.”

In the TARDIS console room the Doctor and Rose reminisce over past adventures, in particular a weird munchkin lady with a big eye that nearly killed Rose by breathing fire at her. They laugh, and are joined by Mickey, who is standing at the console. He asks to hear more about this encounter but the Doctor trails off, fobbing it off as a long story that happened on a planet asteroid thing.

He then notes that Mickey is holding down a switch on the console and asks how long he has been doing that. He replies, explaining the Time Lord asked him to about half an hour ago. The Doctor slowly explains he can let go now, as Rose laughs into her hand. Mickey asks how long it has been since he could have stopped and the Doctor again slowly explains: about ten minutes ago…or twenty…twenty-nine.

Mickey, somewhat angered, accuses the Doctor of forgetting him but he maintains he was calibrating. He knows exactly what he was doing.

Suddenly the console explodes in a blinding light and a pool of sparks. Outside in space a volcanic eruption blows the TARDIS off-course as inside the Doctor, Rose and Mickey are thrown to the floor. The Doctor wrestles for control and Rose asks what is happening. He replies, telling her that the time vortex has gone.

The ship thunders downwards through clouds of smoke and raw energy and the Doctor warns his companions to brace themselves, they’re about to crash. The ship thunders to a halt and again they are thrown to the floor, as oxygen masks descend from the ceiling. The lights go out and all that is left are blackened walls, a burnt out console and the three occupants, dazed and confused.

The Doctor asks if everyone is all right and once they have replied he turns to the console. The TARDIS is dead. Rose asks if he can fix it but he tells her there is nothing left to fix, she’s perished. He slowly paces the around the console, pressing random switches, but it is no use. The last TARDIS in the universe is extinct.

Rose maintains that they can get help, they must have landed somewhere. The Doctor however explains that they fell out of the vortex through the void and into nothingness. They are in some sort of no place, a silent realm, a lost dimension…

…Otherwise known as London. Mickey has opened the TARDIS door and has taken a look outside. He steps out onto the Thames embankment and marvels as London, England, Earth as the Doctor and Rose follow him from inside the ship. He walks to a nearby bin and pulls out a newspaper, reading out the date as the first of February; in the same year he left. Rose joins him to take a look as the Doctor wanders over; getting Mickey to confirm that this is London, his home, just as he left it. Each time the young earthling replies positively whilst looking at the paper. The Doctor concludes, asking if his London included Zeppelins.

They all look up at the sky to see it crowded with the floating bags of air. Rose marvels at their beauty as Mickey cobbles together the excuse that there must be some kind of festival, it must be London, the date is the same.

Realising the truth he asks the Doctor if this is a parallel one and the Doctor concludes that it must be. Rose remains distant, staring at something before her as Mickey continues, explaining it is exactly the same as their world but a little bit different, just like in films. In this universe traffic lights might be blue, Tony Blair might never have been elected… “And he’s still alive.”

Rose continues to stare at the object before her and the Doctor and Mickey do the same, meeting with the sight of Rose’s dad Pete on a large advertisement poster, with a ‘Vitex Lite’ cherry-flavour health drink. In this reality, Peter Allan Tyler is still alive.

The Doctor is quick to warn her not to look at it or even to think about it, but she doesn’t listen, she reaches out to the advert and it instantly springs to life, like a television ad. In a jerky motion Pete coins the phrase “trust me on this” and gives a cheesy thumbs up. Rose is joyful, in life in her own dimension he always had daft schemes like selling health food drinks and in this dimension he’s done it, he’s become a success.

The Doctor again warns her. He tells her to stop looking at her and if she ever trusted him to listen to his warning. Her own father is dead. That is not her Pete. It is a Pete. He probably has his own Jackie and his own Rose, his own daughter who is not her. She cannot se him. Not ever. She looks forlorn as Pete’s advert continues to talk and move. “Trust me on this.”

At a stately home surrounded by fields and woodland, a posh car with the registration plate “PETE 1” pulls up outside. Sure enough the driver is Rose’s dad Pete, who steps outside holding a bunch of flowers. He straightens his shirt cuffs and surveys the area around him, before making his way inside.

Once there he calls out to his sweetheart, hiding the flowers behind his back. Jackie appears at the top of a grand staircase, dressed in an elegant gown. She descends amongst a crowd of busied servants, and begins to nag at him, sniping that he told her he could “trust me on this” and all he’s gone is cocked it up. Slightly confused he enquires as to what it is he’s done wrong and she walks off to show him. They arrive in another grand room where Jackie stares up at a large banner, which is inscribed: “Happy 40th Birthday”.

Pete asks what is wrong and Jackie protests the fact it says forty. He concurs that she is forty but she whines that she doesn’t want everyone to know. Pete, still somewhat confused simply confirms that she has a birthday party tonight, but Jackie is set that it is only her thirty-ninth. Her official biography states that she was born on the same day as Cube Gooding Junior, which makes her thirty-nine.

She turns away from him, thanking him mockingly, before calling out to Rose. Pete follows her out to the stairwell and presents her with the flowers, explaining they are from the girls in her office. She looks at them bluntly and quips that she has hand-sculpted arrangements by Veronica of Reykjavik and all his secretary did was stop off at the garage. She declines to take them and he places them on a table, whilst she asks why he hasn’t brought her a Zeppelin as a present, everyone else has one.

Again she calls out to Rose, in a non too flattering manner, before turning back to Pete and showing off her present from Mr Lumic, a set of metallic ear pieces, brand new encrusted with real diamonds, the latest model. They can pick up signals from Venezuela, and although Pete or she can work out why she would need to utilise this function, at least now she can find out. Pete too has a set of earpieces attached to the sides of his head, as do the servants milling around them, although they seem not to react to wearing them as anything out of the ordinary. She turns away and again calls out to Rose, commenting to Pete that she will need a bath before tonight. Rose appears at the foot of the stairs, she is a small dog.

Pete looks on as Jackie welcomes her pet but turns away at the sound of a phone ringing. He puts his hand up to one of his earpieces to answer the call, it is Mr Lumic. He thanks him for the gift he has given Jackie, and from within his Zeppelin hovering above the Thames Lumic comments that they are hand made, she must take care of them. Pete asks if he will be attending the party tonight, explaining it would be an honour. He declines, he has work to do. His plans have advanced, and the President has promised a decision. He explains he will be flying in tonight and arriving at the airstrip by five o’clock. Pete worries that escorting his boss will upset Jackie and her party but Lumic will not take no for an answer, if the President of Great Britain can attend the meeting, so can he. He expects him at five o’clock; today is a famous day.

Lumic signs off leaving Pete to his thoughts, as Lumic takes in oxygen from a mask on his life support wheel chair. He then turns to a computer and signs in. He activates the ear-pod access for Jacqueline Tyler.

In her room, Jackie is putting on her makeup when suddenly her ear-pods begin to glow and two metallic rods extend from within them. They bend to join above her head, forming a small glowing bulb where they meet. Jackie freezes as this process unfolds, as if in a state of hypnotism. He demands to know the security codes and encryptions for the house tonight and the information pours from her brain, into the screen before him. Once the information is fully downloaded he calls for the computer to restore her. The glowing bulb disappears and the two rods disappear back into her ear-pods, allowing her free movement once more.

With the information his, Lumic thanks her and then opens a video link with one of his associates, Mr Crane. He explains that events are moving on faster than he had expected. He needs extra staff. Crane accepts the unspoken order and begins a recruitment drive. He calls for the driver of the lorry he is sitting in to back up and it reverses out onto a London street.

Back in the burnt out TARDIS console room the Doctor sits alone. The door behind him opens and Mickey enters, with Rose nowhere to be seen. The Time Lord scolds him for letting her run off in a parallel world, the equivalent of a gingerbread house out to tempt her. Mickey is taken aback by the fact that the Doctor is not concerned by what he gets up to but the agitated Time Lord claims he cannot worry about everything. He kicks the TARDIS console, wishing he could get it to work. Mickey asks if that will help the ship and the Doctor claims it will. The young human then asks if it hurt his foot and sure enough it did. He sits down and rubs his sore toes.

On the Thames embankment Rose walks alone. She looks around her and come to a stop by a bench. She sits down and watches the Zeppelins loom overhead. Suddenly, her mobile phone begins to beep and when she takes it from her pocket to look at it, she finds that she has been given a free trial access to the Cybus Network. She opens up a news report detailing the return of John Lumic, the inventor of high-contact metal, to his home country. Lumic, who does not wear his own set of ear-pods, appears in an interview from his ship, denying reports of ill health. He explains that they are all flesh and blood, the brain is what keeps a man human and his mind is more creative than ever. The screen returns to the reporter, who explains that the price of shares in Cybus Industry are doubling, and as his voice drones on Rose looks up once again at the Zeppelins. She looks again at the screen and turns it off, as the reporter talks about a new report published by the Torchwood Institute.

Back in the TARDIS the Doctor laments that they are not meant to be in a parallel dimension. The ship draws its power from the universe but they are in the wrong universe. Mickey comments that he’s seen dimension hopping in comics, it looks so easy. The Doctor simply explains, it’s not like that in the real world. When the Time Lords were in power inter-dimensional travel was a lot easier but now they are dead that access has gone, the walls of reality have closed, the world has been sealed. Everything became a bit less kind.

Mickey asks how, despite this they have managed to arrive in a different dimension but the tired Doctor does not know. It should have been impossible but now they’re trapped. They both sigh and as the Time Lord looks around at the darkened ship he spots a speck of green light beneath the floor grating. He looks around to check it isn’t a reflection but realises it is very much real. This is all they need; they have power. He and Mickey lift up the floor panel and marvel at the light below.

On an abandoned sight, filled with rubbish several men are huddles around a fire. The lorry belonging to Mr Crane arrives and the man greets them. He puts on his best showman voice and calls for them to enter the lorry, which now stands with its loading doors open. As smoke wafts out his colleagues lower a ladder for the men to step onto and Crane explains the lorry is full of free warm food and drink. He calls for them to help themselves and they follow, all except for one young man who warns the others not to go. He claims they are lying, reminding them of the people have been disappearing off of the streets for the past few months. They are taking the men away, for experimentation.

As the last man enters the lorry the younger lad hides behind a pile of junk, recording all he sees on a camcorder. He watches as the men inside realise it is a trap and Crane orders his men to take them away. The lorry doors are closed as the men inside scream to be let out.

Inside the TARDIS the Doctor has lowered himself into the open service hatch and is tearing out pieces of machinery to get hold of the glowing object. Mickey inquires as to what it is and the Time Lord explains that it is a lone power cell that nobody ever bothers about, the last ounce of reality clinging onto power. Mickey then asks if it is enough to get them home and he replies that it isn’t yet, it needs charging up. The Doctor manages to pluck the cell from it’s resting place and cradles it in his hands as Mickey ponders if they could wire it up to the national grid. However, the energy must come from their own universe and the Doctor knows where to get it. He blows gently over the cell and it glows brighter. He excitedly marvels that by doing so he has given up ten years of his life in doing that, and it was worth every second.

Back on the embankment Rose is still staring at her phone and it’s new connection. She brings up a search box and types in her father’s name.

The Doctor and Mickey continue to marvel at the cell and Mickey asks if it is ok that the glow is fading. The Doctor explains it is on a recharging cycle and sure enough the glow begins to grow brighter again, before fading and continuing on its cycle. He continues, explaining it will continue to gain power and be ready to take them back home in twenty-four hours. He kisses it affectionately as Mickey ponders the prospect of spending a day on a parallel world. The Doctor declares it as shore leave, so long as they keep their heads down. He clutches at the cell and then calls for Mickey to come and help him find Rose to tell her the news.

Soon enough they are strolling around the embankment towards her, explaining the situation. She remains silent and sullen and he asks her what is going on. She tells him about the Cybus network and he warns her not to pay attention, this is the wrong world. She ignores him and explains that in this world she was never born. Pete and Jackie still got married but never had kids. The Doctor makes a swipe for the phone but she takes it from his reach. She goes on, laughing back tears to explain that they’re rich, they have cars and everything they want, except her.

She explains that she has to see her father and once again the Doctor protests. She continues, she just wants to see him and when the Doctor claims he cannot let her she begins to loose her patience, she has twenty-four hours. The Doctor claims that she cannot just become their daughter and asks Mickey for back up, but he to is preparing to walk away. With twenty-four hours to go he can do what he wants. Rose continues, saying she has the address of he father. The Doctor, now frantic, watches as they depart in opposite directions.

He tells them both to come back but they continue to walk. Rose again says she just wants to see her parents and Mickey too claims he has things he wants to see, but when the Doctor asks what he simply explains that the Doctor doesn’t know him, that’s just it. Rose apologises and claims that she has to go. The Doctor looks back at Mickey and he simply reaffirms what he already knows. He can only chase after one of them it it’ll never be him. The Doctor begins to run after Rose, calling back to return to the embankment in twenty-four hours time. Mickey agrees, but only if he hasn’t found something better.

At the airstrip, Lumic’s Zeppelin is coming into land. Pete has already arrived and is met by the President, who asks him what the problem is that it can’t wait until tonight. He explains that he is on the fast track now; with Cybus Industries having brought out his business he’s part of the company now. The President quips that some say Cybus has brought his government but Pete laughs, saying he has never head anyone say that. He can trust him on this. The President explains he has tried Pete’s Vitex drink; it tastes like pop. Pete admits it is pop and the President marvels that Pete has sold a health food drink to a sick world, he’s not quite the average joe he seems to be. He looks up at the airship; Lumic does like to keep them waiting.

They approach a walkway leading down from the ship and the President ponders that Pete has been involved with Lumic more than most, and asks him what he thinks of him. Pete comments that he is a clever man brilliant in fact. The President asks if he would call him insane, but Pete admits that isn’t the word he’d use. The President explains that he sees, before making his way up the walkway.

Mickey is making his way along a run down street when he comes across an army blockade. He asks if he is allowed through and the soldiers oblige, reminding him of the curfew that is in place during the night. Mickey marvels at the difference between this reality and his own, much to the confusion of the soldier who thinks he has been living up on the Zeppelins with the toffs. He watches Mickey go, as the air ships lumber overhead.

The Doctor and Rose are walking the streets as she informs him of Mickey’s past. His mother could never cope alone; his father hung around for a while but left them eventually. Mickey was brought up by his gran, and she goes on to marvel at what a wonderful women she was, and how she died five years ago after tripping down the stairs. The Doctor admits he never knew and Rose explains he never asked, they just take him for granted. She wonders if his gran is still alive in this dimension and the Doctor continues his allegory of a gingerbread house.

There is a sudden beeping ringing out in the street and the people walking about their everyday lives stop in their tracks. Their ear-pods all bleep in rhythm as he Doctor and Rose walk among them. The Doctor realises the earpieces are like bluetooth attachments but everyone is connected together. Roses’ phone bleeps and when she examines it she realises it is an automatic process for all compatible software, all news and current affairs are downloaded into peoples heads. The Doctor looks at the header on the page, daily download published by Cybus Industries. He clicks down see a ‘joke’ menu and as he does so the men and women receive the pun and laugh, snapping out of the download state, going about their errands.

The Doctor, amused, marvels at the human need for the latest download, as Rose reminds him things are different here, a parallel world. The Doctor explains that not everything is that parallel and flicks through the information, realising that Cybus Industries also own Vitex, Pete’s company. Rose smiles and he finally gives in. He hands in and agrees to go and see him.

Mickey meanwhile has arrived at his destination, a house in a rundown street. He knocks on the door and an elderly blind woman answers, thinking he is a burglar. He says hello and she realises who it is. He confirms he suspicions and she greets her grandson Rickey. Mickey tries to correct her but she is adamant. She knows her own grandson’s name; it’s Rickey. Mickey gives in and lets her call him by that name. He hugs her and she hits him, scolding him for disappearing her. She talks of stories of people disappearing off of the streets and how worried she was.

Over her shoulder he sees the carpet on the stairs is torn, sticking out at an odd angle. Unsettled he comments that he has told her so many times to get that fixed; she could fall and break her neck. She tells him he should get it fixed and he agrees that he should have, a long time ago. Perhaps he’s just a bit useless. She fobs him off and invites him in for a cup of tea, so long as he has time. He explains he has all the time in the world for her but she simply explains he is lying; it’s his new friends. He asks what friends they are but she simply takes him as a liar. She explains her neighbour has seen them tearing around in a van but he denies knowing about it. As she steps inside a blue van comes tearing round the corner. Mickey begins to follow her in but the van doors open. The young man from the dumpsite climbs out and pulls him inside; they have been looking for him everywhere. They drive off, leaving Mickey’s grandmother calling out for him.

Inside the young man scolds him, he once told them that they should never contact their own family, it puts them in danger. Mickey, confused, goes along with what he is saying, taking the place of the absent Rickey. The young man tells him what he saw at the dump, and the driver of the van, an older women explains it was rented out but the company it was rented to, International Electronics, was a dud set up by Cybus Industries. She then explains that Thin Jimmy has been arrested, leaving him London’s Most Wanted.

On Lumic’s airship the President and Pete are watching a presentation that details how the human brain can be made immortal by submersion in a series of chemicals, bonding the flesh with a metal exoskeleton. Lumic looks on, breathing via the mask on his chair. The President stops the presentation as it talks of the ‘ultimate upgrade’ and turns to Lumic. He explains that he realises what the upgrade entails and apologises, his government will not give permission, nor would any government in the world. Lumic abandons his breathing mask and explains he has prepared a paper for the ethical committee. The President cuts him off, calling his plans obscene. Lumic makes a personal plea, explaining that he is dying. The President knows, and he is sorry. Lumic continues, by stopping his project he has condemned him to die. He states that his inventions have advanced the entire planet, and asks if he would have all that perish.

The President, now on his feet brings him down to Earth. He is a fine businessman, but he is not God. Lumic looks on as the President makes his apologies and leaves, telling Pete he shall see him later on tonight for a drink.

With him gone Pete tries to sympathise with Lumic, explaining there are other countries to apply to. However Lumic is adamant. This is the homeland, his birthplace. He bids Pete leave and once he has gone turns to his computer. A picture of Mr Crane appears and asks if the override is working. He explains that it is, despite some teething troubles. He approaches a line of men, those he abducted from the dumpsite. He checks the ear-pods he has grafted onto their heads and then stands back. Using a handheld device he asks the men to turn to the right, then back to the left. They do so on command and Lumic cuts in, asking Crane if he is enjoying himself. He hurriedly explains he is not, only the control is irresistible. Lumic tells him to resist then orders him to start the upgrade.

Crane asks if he has gained permission but he explains he is governed by greater laws, the right of a man to survive. He orders him to begin then signs off, leaving him to order the men to exit the room, into a corridor beyond where their screams ring out for all to hear. Crane quickly hurries over to a control panel and tells one of the operators to drown out the noise, turn on track nineteen. He does so and “the lion sleeps tonight” rings out across the processing factory, as knifes and spinning blades cut and slash the human bodies, giving them the ultimate upgrade…

It is nighttime and outside an abandoned building the blue van pulls up. The young man calls to the driver Mrs Moor that there is a light on insides, they’ve got visitors. They arm themselves and sneak round to the back entrance. They enter, to find a young man standing by a fireplace. Bemused, the young man asks what he is doing there. The figure replies, asking what he is doing there. He points to Mickey, his exact double…

As a limousine pulls into the Tyler house drive, the Doctor and Rose sit perched on a thicket watching. Rose realises it is February 1st, Jackie’s birthday and even in this universe she still loves a party. The Doctor admits there is one guaranteed way to get inside and pulls out his psychic paper. Rose smiles as he asks her who she’d like to be.

A while later, inside the Tyler household the two travellers, dressed as a waiter and waitress, are serving people food and drink. Rose, not amused, moans to the Doctor that they could have been anyone. The Doctor defends himself, explaining that they got in, as they wished. She continues, he’s in charge of the psychic paper; he could have made them out as celebrities. He explains that if you want to know what’s going on, you should always work in a kitchen.

He points out a man over the other side of the room and explains that according to Lucy, another waitress, he is the President of United Kingdom. In this world there is no Prime Minister.

Pete calls for attention and Roses rushes to see him, as he thanks the guests for coming. He introduces Jackie who descends from the stairs. Rose looks on and the Doctor keeps an eye on her, as he would-be mother welcomes her guests. He warns her she cannot stay with them, even if she told them she was really their daughter. She agrees and explains she has her own mum, Jackie back in her own universe.

They watch as Jackie calls out to her rose, the dog and the Doctor bursts out laughing. His companion gives him a sharp look and he composes himself, as Jackie fusses over her pet.

Elsewhere, the International Electronics lorry is being loaded with the robotic creatures Lumic has created. They storm in line onto the lorry as Crane confronts one of his co-workers; he explains to him that what they are holding is the future. He tells him to go to the lorry and start it up. Lumic calls him and asks if they are mobile. He explains that they are about to go and Lumic himself is on his way, his Zeppelin is looming overhead. He tells his old friend to prepare the factory and to send the creatures forward, let the good work begin.

In the hideout, Mickey is strapped to a chair. The young man is examining him with a complicated medical instrument as Mrs Moor checks the readings on a computer. Rickey ponders how something like this could happen and Mrs Moore ponders that perhaps Cybus Industries could have perfected cloning, that or his father had a bike.

He questions Mickey, who explains that his father was Jackson Smith, who used to work in the key cutters on Clifton’s Parade. He went to Spain and never came back. Rickey explains that his father did the same, perhaps they are brothers. He looks at him and observes how they are both exactly the same in terms of appearance. He tells his friend, whom he finally addresses as Jake that something else must be going on.

Mickey asks exactly who his three captors are. Rickey explains that they are known as the Preachers, as in gospel truth. He shows him that none of the wear ear-pods, whilst the rest of the world downloads from Cybus Industries, they remain free. He is talking to London’s Most Wanted. Lumic however is their number one target and they are bent on bringing him down.

Mickey asks how they will do this whilst hiding in a kitchen. Jake smiles but Rickey asks if he has a problem with the way they operate. He hurriedly denies it but before Rickey can turn on him again a bleep issues from the computer. Mrs Moor explains it is an upload from someone or something known as ‘Gemini’. The report states that the lorries are back, moving out from Battersea. Lumic is making his move. Rickey addresses his companions and turns to Mickey. They are about to leave.

The lorries continues on their journey, followed by the blue van belonging to Rickey and his gang, who are now arming themselves with machine guns.

At the party the Doctor I making his way down the corridors, casually looking around him. A glowing light from a behind an ajar door draws him to look, and inside he finds a computer displaying the Cybus Industries system.

Rose meanwhile is still serving, watching Jackie as she mixes with the clientele. Pete joins her and explains how he remembers her twenty-first birthday, a pint of cider at the George pub. She offers him a drink and he takes it. She compliments him on the party, using his own catchphrase. He laughs and she asks him how long they have been married. He replies, explaining it has been twenty years. She asks if they have ever had children and he explains that they kept putting it off, Jackie never wanted to ruin her figure. She tries to persuade him that it is not too late but he reveals he moved out last month although he hasn’t told anybody because it would be bad for business. He wonders why he is revealing all of this to her and asks if they have met before, she just seems right to talk to. He cuts off and addresses his friend Stevie, asking how things are going at Torchwood.

Outside, Rickey and Jake are watching the clientele arrive at the party and realise they must get inside. In the van Mrs Moor has found out that the house belongs to Pete Tyler, one of Lumic’s henchmen. Mickey realises what this means and states they must get inside, which Rickey tells him he has just said.

The lorries have arrived and are being unloaded. Rickey and Jake watch as the contents of the lorry march out, making their way towards the house.

The Doctor meanwhile, is watching the presentation Lumic was showing the President earlier, his expression grave.

Jackie is sitting on a bench outside. Rose joins her and asks if she can get her anything. She asks if she could get the last twenty years of her life back then sighs with a laugh. Rose offers to get her a drink, champagne of maybe a cup of tea. She joyfully opts for the latter and Rose remembers how her mum would always stay up before going to bed, just to have one last cup. Jackie admits that she is the same; even down to the number of sugars she takes.

She begins to talk about Pete but cuts herself off. Rose admits what a good man he is, a bit of a jack the lad but nevertheless, worth a second chance. Jackie turns on her, asking her is she is commenting on her marriage. Rose tries to explain but she simply dismisses her a servant girl. She tells her she will not get paid then goes back inside, leaving Rose alone. Before her, on the lawn, floodlights suddenly turn on and she sees a line of figures noisily marching towards her.

Back in the study the Doctor realises what is going on, what Lumic’s creatures really are…

Rose watches the line of creatures advance before rushing inside. There she finds the Doctor and together they peer out of a window as the marching task force. The Doctor explains it is happening again, he has seen them before. Rose asks what he means, what exactly they are. He tells her, they are Cybermen.

Suddenly the creatures begin to smash through the windows, storming inside and encircling the frightened guests. The President’s ear-pod rings and he answers, it is Lumic. Now inside the factory, he comments that a comment about crashing the party would be appropriate, laughing as he does so. The President tells him he forbade this, but Lumic tells him these are his children, would he deny his own family?

Rose whispers to the Doctor, asking if they are robots. He answers her, they are worse than that.

The President asks who the people who now occupy the cyber suits were, and Lumic states that it does not matter.

Rose jumps to the conclusion that they are people but the Doctor tells her that they were people, until they had all of their humanity taken away. They are a living brain jammed inside a cybernetic body with a heart of steel, with all emotions remove. Rose asks why and he replies simply: “because it hurts”

By now the President is losing his patients and demands to know who these people were. Lumic tells him they were homeless, wretched and useless until he saved them and elevated them giving them eternal life. He leaves him in their capable hands and bids him goodnight. One of the Cybermen approaches him and states that they have been upgraded. The Doctor inquires into what and it replies, the next level of mankind, human.2. Every citizen will receive a free upgrade. “You will be like us”.

The President apologises for what has been done to them and declares that the experiment will end tonight. The Cyberman declares that upgrading is essential. The President asks what will happen if he refuses. The Doctor warns him not to ask but he continues, despite the Time Lords warnings. The Cyberman answers, he will not be compatible. He must be deleted.

The Cyberman reaches out and grabs the President’s neck, a bolt of electricity cackles through his body and slowly he sinks to the floor, dead.

The guests panic and run for their lives. Pete calls out to Jackie as the Cybermen begin to electrocute more of the clientele. Jackie however flees on her own, without Pete whilst the Doctor tells Rose there is nothing they can do. He grabs her arm and they run outside. She protests that her mum is still inside but he once again states that she is not her mother. They continue to run out onto the lawn but a line of Cybermen block their path. They run round the side of the house, just in time to be joined by Pete, and together they flee from the row of merciless Cybermen advancing on the house.

Inside the house more and more guests are being strangled and electrocuted. Jackie accidentally runs into one and flees down into the cellar, where the metal monster begins to follow.

The Doctor asks Pete for a way out and he indicates the side gates, asking him who he is and how he knows so much. The Doctor retorts that he’d never believe him in a million years, as they find their way blocked by more Cybermen. They run back to other way, where Rose sees two men running towards them. One of them, Rickey yells for them to get behind him as he and Jake open fire with their guns. The bullets are useless and the Cybermen come to halt before them.

Believing him to be Mickey Rose comforts Rickey, admitting she thought she’d never see him again. He pulls free of her grasp and asks who she is, just as Mickey arrives, explaining who he is. The Doctor quips that things couldn’t get any worse: two Mickey’s. Rickey corrects him as to his name as Mickey explains there are more Cybermen are on the way. Sure enough another troop advance from behind, encircling them. They are surrounded.

The Doctor warns Rickey and Jake to drop their guns, bullets won’t stop them. Jake however continues to fire and only stops when the Doctor pushes his gun away. He tells the others to put their hands up and addresses the Cybermen, telling them there is no need to damage them, they will make god stock. They are volunteering for the upgrade programme, they can take them to be processed.

One of the Cybermen replies, calling them rouge elements. The Doctor protests, they are surrendering. The creature continues, they are inconvertible, they will be deleted. The Doctor continues to protest, they are surrendering to them, but the Cyberman is not listening. They are inferior. Men will be reborn as Cybermen but they will all perish under maximum deletion.

As the Cybermen march to close in on them, ready to fire, the Doctor and the others can only look on, as the Cyberman lets out it’s battle cry.

“Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete”


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