The Age of Steel – Episode Guide


As the Cybermen prepare to attack the Doctor pulls a glowing orb from his pocket. He aims it at the steel warriors and immediately a beam of energy flies out at them. They are each hit by the beam and begin to disintegrate. The group of hostages begin to run and are saved by Mrs Moore, in the blue van belonging to the Preachers.

They begin to climb inside but Pete makes a break for the house. The Doctor stops him but he protests that he must save Jackie. He reasons that anyone inside the house will be dead, and all he can do is to not let her die in vein. He runs back to the van and the Doctor joins him, stopping only to pull Rose away from the house, reminding her that the Jackie in this universe is not her mother. They join the others inside the van and they pull away, Mrs Moore screeching that she’s never seen such a slow getaway in her life.

The Cybermen are still stalking the grounds as well as the interior of the house, where Jackie is in hiding. She peeks around a doorframe and sees the metal monsters on patrol. She returns to behind the doorway, closing it as they go, but a Cyberman turns to see her leave.

In the van the Doctor explains that the object he used to ward off the Cybermen was the crystal he and Mickey found in the TARDIS. Mickey observes that the light has gone out but the Doctor assures him that it will recharge in four hours time.

Rickey merely points out that now they have no weapons. Jake corrects him; they do have weapons but they won’t work on the Cybermen, although they will work on a man like Pete.

Rose defends him, asking what he has done wrong. Jake mockingly explains he has helped spring a trap wiping out the government and left John Lumic in charge. Pete rationalises that if he had organised the attack he would not have left his wife inside but Rickey counteracts, theorising that the plan might have gone wrong, but it still gives the Preachers the right to execute him.

The Doctor cuts in, warning them that if they begin to talk about executions they will make him their enemy, and he advises them that they do not want to do that. Rickey continues, claiming that they have evidence that Pete has been working for Lumic since 20.5. They others in the van look towards Pete and Rose asks if it is true, he does not reply.

Rickey calls for Mrs Moore to explain and from the drivers seat she tells them that the Preachers have a government mole, who leaks them al of Lumic’s private files in secret broadcasts twice a week.

Pete cuts in and asks if these broadcasts were made by Gemini. Rickey asks how he knew and Pete admits that he is Gemini. He goes on to give the exact details of the broadcasts and explains the only reason he was working for Lumic was to get information. He had thought he was sending the information to the Security service but all he got was the Scooby Doo gang, complete with the van.

Mickey chimes in, saying the Preachers must know what they are doing; Rickey is London’s most wanted. Rickey sheepishly admits that that isn’t strictly true; he’s London’s most wanted for parking tickets. The others grin and he defends himself, saying that he was fighting the state by parking wherever he wanted.

The Doctor admits that he is very much the same and then introduces himself, just in case anyone is interested. Rose does the same and Pete mockingly spouts that things are getting better, Rose is the name of his dog. He looks at Rose, still in her waitress outfit and quips that at least he has the caterers on his side.

Rose tells him she knew he was not a question and when he asks why the Doctor gives her a warning look and she simply claims she just knew it. Pete continues to explain how his wife was still back in the attack and Rose comforts him, saying she might still be alive. This is no condolence for Pete, if she is alive she will be under Lumic’s control, and all he does with living humans is turn them into those metal monsters.

The Doctor corrects him, explaining they are called Cybermen. He then advises him to remove his ear-pods, and he does so. The Time Lord deactivates them with the sonic screwdriver and warns that Lumic might be listening. He is not just a businessman, he is an assassin. He calls to Rickey, Jake and Mrs Moore in the cab, explaining they must get to the city and warn the authorities. These experiments end. Tonight.

In the conversion factory Lumic marvels at his metallic children. He asks them what it feels like to have been converted. One of the creatures replies; they do not feel. Lumic then asks what they think in their minds and again the creature replies to him; they think the same, they are uniformed. Lumic asks again what these thoughts are and the creature replies, explaining that they think of the humans and their difference and their pain. They suffer in their skin, they must be upgraded. Lumic agrees, it is time they begun. He logs into the main computer and orders the activation of the primary sequence for all ear-pods in London, he has claimed independence. “Begin transmission”

On one of the London streets it is nighttime and people are walking about their business. Suddenly a loud ringing pierces the air and they all come to a halt. Their ear-pods begin to flash and they all walk off in the same direction. In the Tyler household Jackie is discovered. Like the people on the streets her ear-pods flash and she walks forward, expressionless. Lumic’s voice echoes out. They will come to him. His new children, the immortal ones.

A news report is being broadcast. The panicking newsreader hurriedly explains that the whole of London has been cut off. An army of metal men are taking over. All citizens are being advised to remove their ear-pods and stay in their homes.

Outside of the factory Mr Crane tugs his ear-pods from his ears, defying his master Lumic to take control of him.

On the streets the Doctor, Rose and the others watch as the people march off together. The Doctor realises that Lumic has taken control via the ear-pods. Rose makes to remove them from a nearby man but the Doctor holds her back, severing the link could cause a brain storm. He marvels almost mockingly at the human race, and their trait to always allow someone to take control of them.

Jake calls them over to a street corner where he and Rickey are keeping watch. Peering round they find more people leaving their houses and joining the throngs of people marching along, escorted by troops of Cybermen. The Doctor realises they are making their way to the base of operation and Pete confirms him that it is in Battersea. Rose asks why Lumic is doing this and Pete explains that he is dying, this started out as a way of sustaining the brain, at any cost.

Rose then claims she has seen a Cyberman before, the helmet from VanStatten’s museum where they found the lone Dalek. The Doctor confirms that there are Cybermen in their own universe as well. They started on an ordinary world just like the one they are on now and then spread out across the galaxy, but the ones they face now are starting from scratch, here on Earth. Pete asks what he is talking about but Rickey interrupts. They must get out of the city.

He tells Mrs Moore to look after the Doctor, Rose, Pete and Mickey whilst he and Jake split up to try and distract the Cybermen, before meeting back up at Bridge Street. As they move off Mickey kisses Rose goodbye, and decides to go with Rickey instead.

As the others flee, pursued by Cybermen, Mickey and Rickey find themselves at a fork in the road. They both babble on to themselves but each come to the same conclusion, the Cybermen will know where they are. Rickey again points out how exactly alike they are but Mickey admits his counterpart is probably braver. Rickey agrees. He comments that Mickey’s friends aren’t that bad but he explains he just tags along behind. Rickey touts that he is not that bad, and Mickey asks if he means it. He explains that he supposes he does and they stand in silence, until a patrol of Cybermen begin to approach them from behind. Simultaneously they decide to split up and each run off in a different direction.

Elsewhere the Doctor, Rose, Pete and Mrs Moore are hiding behind a crowd of bins as more Cybermen walk past. They approach their hiding place but the Doctor wards them off with the sonic screwdriver. As they leave the four in hiding get up and depart, looking at the sight behind them.

In the conversion factory lines of people are walking along, as a Cyber voice rings out that all unconvertible material must be incinerated.

In the back streets of London, Rickey is running from hoards of Cybermen waiting to kill him. He finds himself stuck down an alleyway, cut off by a fence. He begins to climb over as Mickey appears on the other side, willing him on as the Cybermen approach from behind.

Suddenly, one of the Cybermen reaches forward and grabs his leg. A bolt of electrical energy shoots through his body and as Mickey cries out in protest Rickey’s body falls to the floor. Mickey looks up at the emotionless killers in disgust then turns and runs.

In the conversion factory Mr Crane is being escorted into the main control room by a crowd of Cybermen. Lumic addresses him, stating he believed him to be a faithful person. Crane states that he is, and lies that his ear-pods must have malfunctioned. He apologises then walks up to address his old friend, requesting an upgrade. He has seen the future and it is copyright Cybus Industries. Lumic wonders at the willing volunteer as Crane states that he knows exactly what to do.

He leaps forward and claws at Lumic’s life support chair. As he disconnects wires and tubes Lumic cries for help. One of the Cybermen walks forward and grabs hold of Crane. As he falls to the floor, electrocuted, he curses Lumic and his creations. Lumic himself calls out for help and the Cybermen approach him. They state he is to be upgraded. He protests, gasping that he is not ready. As the Cybermen continue to prepare him he admits he will upgrade, but only with his last breath. The Cyberman thumps at the Cybus logo on its chest and Lumic’s chair moves forward, escorted by his own creations.

In a side street the Doctor, Rose, Pete and Mrs Moore are joined by Jake, who tells them that hundreds of humans, waiting to be converted are all lining up around the Thames. In the distance Mickey runs towards them. Believing him to be Rickey, Jake welcomes him but upon asking him, he realises Rickey is gone. Mickey apologises as Rose runs forward to hug him. Mickey tries to approach Jake but he is inconsolable. He sneers at Mickey, telling him he is nothing. The Doctor cuts in, explaining they can mourn later, when London is safe. For now they move on.

Some time later they are approaching the banks of the Thames, opposite the conversion factory. The Doctor reels off that London has been cut off and the whole population has been taken inside. Rose realises they must get inside and shut it down and it falls on Mickey to ask how. The Doctor calmly tells them he will think of something and Mickey realises that he is making this up as he goes along. The Doctor admits it, claiming that he does so brilliantly. Mickey nods in agreement.

Later on Mrs Moore has accessed a map of the factory on her laptop, and shows the others that underneath the building are cooling ducts big enough to walk through. Pete chips in that it is possible they could walk in through the front door, where Jackie will have gone. Jake is sceptical but Mrs Moore explains it is possible, and presents the others with two sets of fake ear-pods, whilst wearing them they can walk straight in.

Pete decides that this is how he shall get inside and the Doctor warns him that he must show no emotion in order to not get caught. Rose takes the other set, and prepares to go with Pete in order to find Jackie. Pete asks why finding her should matter to her but she merely explains they have no time. She tells the Doctor she is going with him and he realises that there is no stopping her.

He realises that as well as shutting down the factory and saving Jackie the groups can stop the ear-pod signal at the same time, freeing the unconverted prisoners. He turns hi attentions to Jake and tells him that Lumic is transmitting the signal from somewhere in the factory and a quick scan with the sonic screwdriver identifies Lumic’s parked Zeppelin as the source. He asks the young lad if he can knock it out and he replies, telling him to consider it done.

He turns to Mrs Moore and asks her to accompany him into the cooling tunnels. They now have three modes of attack, above, between and below. They can get inside and knock out the conversion machines. Mickey then chirps up from behind them asking what he is to do and the Doctor realises he has left him out. He stumbles to find something for him to do but Mickey cuts in, realising he will tell him to stay behind and be the ‘tin dog’.

He then explains that those days are over and then decides to go with Jake. Initially reluctant he begrudgingly accepts to take him along. As they walk off the Doctor calls to him, wishing good luck. He stops and wishes him the same, before calling back to Rose saying he will see he later. The Doctor tells him that if they succeed in what they wish to do they are to meet up back at the TARDIS. Mickey promises him that he will and then walks off to join Jake.

He turns back only once, to see the Doctor and Rose embracing, wishing each other good luck. He looks on and looks forlorn. They belong together. He pulls himself together and walks off into the night to catch up with Jake.

Some time later the Doctor and Mrs Moore descend into the darkened cooling ducts of the factory. Mrs Moore, who has a tool for every occasion, provides torch helmets and hand held lights to find there way. The Doctor muses, asking if she has a hot dog inside, the Cyberman of food.

They start on their way and discover a line of Cybermen, standing against the wall waiting. The Doctor explains they are dormant, already converted but silent, awaiting orders. Slowly he edges forward, tapping one on the helmet to not response. He tells his accomplice to move forward with caution and to watch for traps that might activate the Cybermen. They make their way along, the Cybermen’s dead faces escorting them.

In the grounds of the factory lorries of people come and go as troops of Cybermen escort new humans off to be converted. Rose and Pete run into the compound and take cover. They put in their fake ear-pods and Pete reminds Rose not to show any emotion. Rose reassures him that they can accomplish their task and he asks why she would risk her life for Jackie. She remains cryptic, telling him she’s doing it for her mum and dad. They make their way out into the open and join a line of mesmerised people, following them into the factory as the Cybermen look on.

On the roof of the complex Jake and Mickey take cover from two guards covering the entrance to the Cybermen. Jake prepares to kill them but Mickey notes that if he kills them he is no better than the Cybermen. He agrees and instead pulls out another of Mrs Moore’s inventions, very strong smelling salts. They approach the guard and place them to their noses, causing them to pass out. With the way clear they board the Cybermen, prepared to meet any more guards who stand in their way.

Back in the cooling ducts, still lined with Cybermen, the Doctor and Mrs Moore are making progress along the darkened shaft. The Time Lord asks how she came to help the Preachers and she admits she used to be ‘normal’ once, working for Cybus Industries. However, one day she found a file she wasn’t supposed to on the computer mainframe and took a look. Soon she was on the run as soon as the armed guards of Cybus came knocking. She heard of the Preachers and told them about herself and became their technical support.

The Doctor then asks of her family and she tells him that her husband, who is not called Mr Moore as she is using a fake name, thinks she is dead, which would keep him safe. She then asks the Doctor if he has any family but her simply quips that he does not need family, he has the whole world on his shoulders. He asks what Mrs Moore’s real name is and she tells him it is Angela Price. She asks him not to tell anyone about it and he promises, not a word. They move on, unaware that one of the Cybermen behind them has activated, and is watching them leave.

In the main control room the Cybermen are aware of the two friends presence. They consult with each other and decide to awaken the army.

In the tunnel Mrs Moore feels something moving near her. The Doctor fobs her off but before them, another of the Cybermen begins to move. He realises they are waking up and as the metal warriors begin to spring to life he and Mrs Moore run for their lives. The Cybermen watch them go and begin to spring forward and follow them.

They reach the end of the tunnel and climb up an escape hatch. The Doctor undoes it with his sonic screwdriver and with not a second to spare they scramble onto the floor above, and the Doctor seals the hatch shut again, trapping the Cybermen below.

In the factory, a booming voice escorts the Cybermen as they work, claiming six thousand five hundred units have now been converted. Rose and Pete are lead down corridors lined with pipes as the Cybermen lead humans into giant tanks, where they step inside and are bombarded by spinning knives and other blades, scratching away the flesh before the Cyberman helmet is lowered into the tank, and the creature is complete. Throughout the factory dozens of tanks buzz about their work, all converting new Cybermen.

Pete asks Rose if there is any sign of Jackie but she doesn’t reply. Ahead of them one of the Cybermen spots them and begins to approach. It identifies Pete and he confirms his identity. It explains that it used to be Jacqueline Tyler and it recognises Pete and Rose as fugitives. It calls for them to be restrained and other Cybermen grab them as they protest about its identity. It explains that Jackie’s brain now resides in its steel body. It then orders that Pete, a traitor to Cybus Industries be taken with Rose to Cyber Control. They are lead away as Pete clings onto the hope that since she remembers him, perhaps Jackie can be reversed back to human form. He and Rose look back behind them but fail to identify which of a crowd of Cybermen Jackie is.

Inside the Zeppelin control room Jake and Mickey dispose of other unconscious guards before setting out to look for the transmitter controls. Arriving at the very controls of the airship they turn to find a Cybermen backed up against the wall. Jake draws his gun and approaches. He finds a light switch and illuminates it. Mickey approaches and taps the helmet, realising it is dead, a mere display model. They return to looking for the transmitter controls, as the still features of the Cyberman stand illuminated in the gloom.

In the factory the Doctor and Mrs Moore are ambushed by a Cyberman, which Mrs Moore disposes of using an electromagnetic bomb. The creature falls down and the Doctor rips open the chest plate, which is stamped with a Cybus logo. He removes the plate, which contains a steel heart. Inside is a glowing blue mix of circuitry and other entrails. He removes some of the pieces of flesh and identifies it is the central nervous system. It has been used to control the creature as a living thing, which it technically is. He turns his attention to one of the circuits. He realises it is an emotion inhibiter, it stops them feeling.

Mrs Moore asks why this is done and the Doctor explains that if the humans inside could see themselves as a Cyberman it would drive them insane; they are removed because it is the one thing, which makes them human.

Suddenly the fallen Cyberman asks why it is so cold. The Doctor realises the inhibiter has been broken and apologises for how it must feel. Again the Cyberman asks why it feels so cold. The Doctor asks if it can remember its name and it identifies itself as Sally Freeman. She asks where Gareth is, and claims he must not see her, it is unlucky the night before… Mrs Moore realises she was to be married but the Cyberman continues to say how cold it feels…so cold. The Doctor comforts her and tells her she must sleep. He slowly lowers the sonic screwdriver into her chest unit and activates it. The lights inside go out and finally she is at piece.

The Doctor states that Sally Freeman did not die in vein. He has realised that if they can find the code that will beak the inhibitor and feed it through the central system into the head of every Cyberman they will all realise what they are and go insane. It might just kill them. He begins to question if he could do such a thing but Mrs Moore reassures him that he must, the Cybermen must be stopped and this is the only way to do it.

She gets up from where they are crouching but fails to see the Cyberman behind her. It reaches for her neck and electrocutes her, loosening it’s grip only to let her dead body fall to the floor. The Doctor yells in disgust that it was unnecessary to kill her but the steel monster simply comments that they have detected the Doctor’s binary vascular system. He is to be taken for analysis. He is lead away, still looking upon the body of Mrs Moore.

In the Zeppelin Jake and Mickey have found the transmitter controls but it is sealed shut. Jake suggests setting the ship to automatic drive, abandoning it and letting it crash. He makes a move to the ships controls but the computer is locked. The computer minded Mickey sets to work hacking for the codes but unknowingly sets of a signal device, which is matched in the cubicle belonging to the ‘empty’ Cyberman.

The Doctor is lead into the main control room, chirping that he had hoped that when he was captured he would have Pete and Rose to save him, but they are waiting for him there as prisoners. He snaps back to normal and asks if they are okay and they explain they were too late, Jackie has been killed by Lumic.

The Doctor asks loudly exactly where Lumic is, wanting to meet him. A Cyberman answers, explaining he has been upgraded. The Doctor comments that he is just like them but it replies that the Lumic unit is superior, he has been designated the role of Cyber Controller.

Before them, a wall bearing the Cybus logo splits apart revealing a Cyberman, Lumic sitting plugged into a throne of metal. Its build is larger than any Cyberman, it is more robust and its brain can bee seen through the top of its head. Its eyes glow when it speaks, announcing in a metallic version of Lumic’s voice that this is the age of steel and he is its creator.

The Zeppelin motors are beginning to roar to life as Mickey hacks into the computer system. From behind the Cyberman on display springs to life and pursues them. They run to the other side of the control room where Mickey tricks it into smashing the transmitter controls, electrocuting itself.

All across the factory floor peoples ear-pods begin to stop transmitting and they begin to realise trouble is afoot. Seeing the spinning blades culling hundreds of people they scream and run in terror. Some are electrocuted by the Cybermen but many escape out into the open.

From the Zeppelin Mickey and Jake realise they have completed their mission and cheer with glee. In the control room the Doctor hears the commotion outside ad realises his friends have done their job. He looks over to Lumic and calls it a vote for free will. He replies in his metallic voice, explaining he has factories waiting on seven continents. If the ear-pods have failed then the Cybermen will take humanity by force. London has fallen. So shall the world.

In the Zeppelin Mickey has logged into Cyber Control and finds that the Doctor, Pete and Rose are alive. Whilst Jake looks in terror at the Cyber Controller Mickey activates a sound link, and they can hear Lumic as he rants that he will bring peace to the world, everlasting peace and unity and uniformity.

The Doctor asks what role imagination, the thing that lead him to where he is, will play in this new world. He’s killing it stone dead. Lumic asks what his name is and the Doctor replies. The Controller tells him that ‘Doctor’ is a redundant title, Cybermen do not sicken but the Doctor cuts in explaining that that is his entire point. He pities Lumic, claiming if he weren’t in the room he would call him a genius. Everything Lumic did was to battle his sickness and that is brilliant, so human. Yet if sickness is eliminated then mankind has nothing to strive for. The Cybermen will not advance; they will remain on a metal world full of metal men and metal thoughts. It will lack what makes Earth so alive: stupid yet brilliant people.

Lumic asks if the Doctor is proud of his emotions and he replies that he is. He then asks if he has known grief and rage and pain. The Doctor solemnly answers yes again and then again, more proudly when Lumic asks if they hurt. The Controller then claims he can set the Time Lord free from his emotions; he can live a life without pain. The Doctor simply says that he might as well kill him and Lumic decide he shall take the latter option.

The Doctor again claims that that is not his decision to make. He is a Cyber Controller and he does not control him or anything with blood in its heart. Lumic continues, threatening that he cannot be stopped; he has an army, a species of his own. The Doctor moans, whining that Lumic does not understand what he is trying to say. He tells him that an army means nothing; it is the everyday people that make a difference, who could change the world. Any man, any women, any idiot.

In the Zeppelin Mickey realises the Doctor has seen the camera through which he is watching them and is trying to address him. The Time Lord continues, saying how all that idiot would need to do is find the right numbers, the right codes; such as the code to break the emotion inhibiter. Any idiot with a computer can find that information in the Lumic family files, using the right wavelength that Pete confirms as Binary nine.

Mickey, now with a starting point sets out to find out the correct code, as the Doctor rattles on about an idiot who could save the world by typing at a computer. Lumic cuts in, calling the Doctor’s words irrelevant. The Time Lord admits his problem in life is that he talks too much. He turns to Rose and says how it’s lucky he got her such a cheap tariff for the long conversations the have on her…

…phone. Mickey realises that he is trying to tell him to send the correct code to Roses’ phone. Lumic taunts the Doctor, telling him he will be deleted and the Doctor takes the opportunity to talk about all of the buttons on a phone keypad, including his favourite ‘send’ and sure enough as he talks Mickey sends the completed code to Roses’ mobile.

The Doctor then turns of Lumic and comments on how he seduced everyone into wearing ear-pods in the first place; by making every piece of technology compatible with everything else. Roses’ phone beeps as she receives Mickey’s message. She throws the phone to the Doctor, who proves his point of total technical compatibility by plugging the phone into one of the control banks.

Immediately the signal is sent to every Cyberman. They clutch their heads as they realises what has happened to themselves. Mickey and Jake cheer in joy and the Doctor stands to apologise to one of the steel monsters, who stares at itself in a mirror. The Time Lord tells Lumic he has given them back their souls, and it’s killing them. As more of the Cybermen overload, keeling over or blowing to smithereens the Doctor, Rose and Pete flee leaving Lumic to screams out to delete the prisoners. Yet none of his servants answer him, they all stagger around in agony and emotional torture as the factory begins to overload and blow up.

The Doctor, Rose and Pete look for a way out but the fiery factory holds no safe exits. On the roof above them Jake is attempting to fly the Zeppelin away to safety but Mickey protests. They must save the Doctor and Rose. He takes control of the wheel that pilots the ship and lowers it back to the roof. Jake holds Mickey’s phone to his ear as he steers the ship. On the other end Rose replies and he tells her to head for the roof.

Rose relays this to the Doctor and Pete and they clamber up a staircase, in-between bursts of flames. Elsewhere, Lumic the Cyber Controller roars in anger. He pulls himself free from the throne he is wired to and raises to his feet, screeching in protest.

Rose, the Doctor and Pete make it onto the roof. Running amongst jets of fire Rose asks Mickey over the phone how he learned to fly a Zeppelin. He replies that he learned from a Playstation game and then tells her he is coming to get her.

He sends a rope ladder down from the cabin and the three of them on the roof hold on, as the airship flies away from the burning factory. They begin to climb up to safety but something causes it to shake violently. They look down to find the Cyber Controller climbing after them, slowly catching up. The Doctor throws the sonic screwdriver down to Pete and tells him to press it against the rope below him. He does so, yelling out that his actions are for Jackie Tyler. As the screwdriver whirs and the Controller climbs, the rope heat sand breaks. The Controller falls down into the fiery abyss below and the Doctor, Rose and Pete cling to the rest of the ladder, as the Zeppelin fades away into the night.

Some time later, the Doctor enters the burnt out TARDIS console room and takes out the power cell from his pocket. Now fully charged he plugs it into one of the panels, and slowly but surely light returns to the ship, illuminating the golden walls and the glowing console before him.

Outside on the embankment Pete asks Rose what happens inside the blue box before them. She asks if he wants to see but he declines her offer. He asks who exactly they are and she tells him that there are other parallel worlds with other Pete Tyler’s and very much alive Jackie Tyler’s…and their daughters. Pete looks on astounded and again Rose asks him to come inside the TARDIS but he is adamant he must stay. There are other Lumic factories out in the world with other Cybermen still in storage. He has to tell the authorities what has happened, he must carry on the fight.

The Doctor joins them, stepping outside of the ship. He tells her that they have only five minutes of power, they have to go. Rose tells Pete the Doctor could show him where the other factories are but he simply thanks her for all her help and he bids her farewell. She too says goodbye, addressing him as dad. He protests and tells her not to, too confused by the idea of other parallel worlds. He leaves her and the Doctor alone, as he runs off to start his mission.

No sooner has Pete left Mickey and Jake join them. Mickey is brandishing the Doctor’s suit and hands it back to its joyful owner. The Time Lord then turns to Jake and explains they have to go, but tells him that Mrs Moore’s real name was Angela Price. He tells him to find her family and tell them she died saving the world. He agrees and the Doctor prepares to leave but Mickey has other ideas. He wants to stay.

The Doctor and Rose look at him shocked. Rose simply says through her tears that he can’t. He explains that it will balance things out. This world has lost its Rickey but he is still here and there are more Cybermen out there to be fought. Again she protests but he tells her that his grandmother is still alive in this world and she needs him. Rose asks what happens if she needs him but he knows, just as she does that she and the Doctor belong together without him. They had something a long time ago but not any more.

She explains that she can come back to see him but the Doctor explains they cannot. They arrived by accident, through a hole in time and when they go back through, into their own world he will have to close it again. They can’t ever return.

Mickey shakes the Doctor by the hand and bids hi farewell. He replies by telling him to take Roses’ phone with the emotion inhibiter code on it and take it to the other Cybermen factories and stop them. He wishes him good luck…Mickey the idiot. He makes his way back to the TARDIS, leaving rose and Mickey alone.

He thanks her for everything, they’ve had a laugh and together they have seen it all, been there and back. He muses asking rhetorically who would have ever foreseen the two of them, from the old estate flying through the stars. Rose, now fighting back tears continues, saying how they had been sitting there all those years, imagining what they’d do one day. They never foresaw this.

She hugs him, and he tells her she must go or she’ll miss her flight. She walks solemnly back to the TARDIS and looks back one more time before stepping inside and closing the door.

Mickey calls over to Jake to watch the ship depart and as it fades away amidst a roar of engines, he tells him that that is the Doctor, in the TARDIS, with Rose Tyler.

In her kitchen back on the Powell estate Roses’ true mum Jackie is filling the kettle. Slowly the noise of the TARDIS coming into lad fills the air and she rushes into the sitting room to see the ship arrive. Rose, now changed from her waitress outfit rushes to her mother, assuring herself that she is still alive. Jackie, slightly confused, asks what is wrong and where they have been. The Doctor explains they have been far away and ponders t the real meaning of his words, realising it really was far way. Jackie then asks where Mickey is and he tells her; he has gone home.

Back on the parallel Earth Mickey and Jake climb into the Preacher’s van, preparing to drive away. Mickey tells Jake that he knows he is not a true replacement for Rickey but they can honour him by fighting in his name. He then ponders if; out of all the Cybus factories out in the world if one will be in Paris. Jake supposes there is and Mickey decides they can go and limbo in Paris. Jake, slightly bemused, simply questions he and Mickey going to Paris in a van. Mickey smiles and tells him that he once saved the world in a big yellow truck.

They both laugh and Mickey starts the van. They roll away into the distance, under a blanket of stars beneath what for Mickey, is a new world.


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