School Reunion – Episode Guide


Headmaster Finch walks the staircases and corridors of his school, before approaching his office only to find a young girl sitting outside. She explains that she is ill with a headache and Matron has sent her to see him. He asks why she cannot just go home and she explains she lives in Ambrose Hall, the local orphanage. He sympathises and ushers her inside his office. It’s nearly time for lunch. As he closes the door he takes a peek back outside before closing it completely. The shadows through the frosted glass window shift and change, as the girl lets out a scream.

Elsewhere in the schoolchildren are rushing to lessons at the sound of the bell. Some of them pile into a science lab, followed by their teacher. He walks to his desk and sets down his bag before greeting his students. It’s the Doctor.

The Doctor writes up the word ‘physics’ on the whiteboard and ponders it many times out loud, adding that the students should be taking notes. He decides to evaluate their knowledge and asks them a simple question about inverse magnetism and it’s outcomes. A young lad called Milo raises his hand and answers the question whilst the rest of the class remain silent. The Doctor congratulates him, spouting the word ‘correctomundo’, and then quips how he’s never used the word before and hopes never to again, before moving onto the next question, this time about measuring electrical power in a coil of wire submerged in water.

Again Milo is the only one to raise his hand and the Doctor invites him to answer which he goes so, again with precision and accuracy. The Doctor decides to test the boy further and with quick pace asks him increasingly testing questions about energy loss in damming systems, the definition of non-coding DNA and then the mathematical problem 65,983 times 5, all of which he answers correctly before the Doctor asks him how to travel faster than the speed of light, which again he answers correctly.

In the school canteen the children, and the Doctor, are being served they lunch in the queue, each dinner lady piling their plates full of food. As the Doctor is served his dinner in a rather vicious manner he looks up to see Rose dressed in full kitchen garb. She stares at him plainly and he smiles back, before walking off to find a table.

Later on the room is clearing and Rose walks over to the Doctor’s table to clean it. He teases her as she mops up spilt gravy before she moans about having been in the school as a dinner lady for two days but the Doctor tells her to complain to Mickey, he is the one who asked them to come. He then explains that he was right to do so and tells her about Milo, stating he has knowledge way in advance of human understanding.

Rose finishes moping up and takes one of the Doctor’s chips from his plate. He says there’s something not right about them but she ignores him, she thinks they’re wonderful and reminisces, wishing she had had such good school dinners when she was a student. The Doctor ignores her and note how well behaved the school is. He had expected them all to be happy slapping hoodies. Happy slapping hoodies with ASBO’s. Happy slapping hoodies with ASBO’s and ringtones. He is interrupted by another dinner lady, who walks up to their table and warns Rose that she is not permitted to leave her station during a sitting. Rose tries to shift attention onto the Doctor, claiming he doesn’t like the chips and the dinner lady retorts, explaining the menu has been specifically designed by the Headmaster to improve concentration and performance. She then turns to Rose and tells her to return to work and she does so, the Doctor calling after her that he’ll have the crumble for desert.

Behind him another teacher, Mr Wagner enters and approaches one of the female students known as Melissa. He explains she is to join his class for the next lesson, Milo having failed him. He then turns to her friend Kenny, commenting on how he is not eating the canteen chips but the young boy explains he is not allowed. Wagner exits with Melissa in tow, the Doctor watching them as the walk out. All the while, Mr Finch the Headmaster is watching from the balcony above.

In the kitchens, Rose is doing the washing up and washes as the other dinner ladies wheel in a barrel of oil, being careful not to spill any. They are all wearing protective goggles, masks and gloves and as they manoeuvre it into place before going to fetch a second, Rose receives a call on her mobile phone. It is Mickey. He is in a Cyber café looking up reels of information and tells her that a few months ago there was a lot of UFO activity around the school but as soon as he tries to get pictures he is locked out, by a Torchwood Access Barrier, although he fails to mention this to his girlfriend. Rose meanwhile explains that three months ago all of the kitchen staff were replaced and the new workers are acting very strangely.

Mickey gloats, explaining he was right to call her and the Doctor her but as Rose tries to hint he might have ulterior motives for wanting to see them again, the dinner ladies accidentally tip over the barrel of oil, spilling some on one of their fellow workers. She screams in agony as it burns her skin and is hurriedly taken away to a little office where the others deal with her. Rose hangs up on Mickey and attempts to phone an ambulance but the head dinner lady explains there is nothing to worry about. The injured woman screams from within but her co-worker fobs of the noise, it’s alright, she does that. She steps back into the tiny office and closes the door leaving Rose to look at the bright yellow oil dripping from the barrel.

In a computer lab Mr Wagner paces into the room, which is full of students sitting at their workstations. He asks them to put on their headphones and they do so. He marvels at the things they will see and clicks a button on his computer. The students instantly snap to work a and begin to type away as strange green symbols dart about on screen, their teacher looking on menacingly.

Meanwhile, Mr Finch is escorting a visitor down one of the school staircases, talking about the changes he has made to the school since he arrived, including the now free school menu, taking the opportunity to advise his guest to try the chips. She replies she’d love to but continues to marvel at the changes the school has undergone, but fears he may be working the pupils too hard, and that good results are more important than anything. He agrees and they continue to walk around the corridors of the school.

In the staff room the Doctor is consulting another teacher called Mr Parsons as to the cases of extreme intellect developing in students around the school. He relates the case of a girl who managed to tell him the precise measurements of the walls of Troy and then goes on to explain that all of these goings on started occurring when Mr Finch arrived three months ago, and half the staff catching flu almost immediately afterwards, apart from the teacher the Doctor replaced who, despite never playing the game managed to win the lottery when a winning ticket was posted through her door at midnight.

The door of the room opens and Mr Finch enters with his guest. The Doctor turns and looks on in amazement as he introduces her to the staff, Miss Sarah Jane Smith, who is writing an article on him for the Sunday Times and he wishes her to see the school from the ‘trenches’. He tells his staff not to spare their blushes and then walks out, leaving Sarah to introduce herself to the Doctor. He tells her his name is John Smith and she reminisces that she used to have a friend who went by that name. The Doctor explains it is a very common name but Sarah explains he was a very uncommon man.

The Doctor then explains he has only been in the school two days and Sarah takes the opportunity to ask him about the new curriculum and the illnesses the students keep catching. He continues to smile uncontrollably and remarks that she doesn’t sound like someone just doing a profile. She retorts that there’s no harm in doing a bit of investigating and the Doctor agrees. She walks off to greet other members of the staff and he remarks how good it is for her to be investigating.

The school bell rings and the students mill around the corridors as the Doctor walks around in wonder at who he has just met. Meanwhile young student Kenny, who is walking the now empty corridors on his own hears a strange noise and follows it into one of the computer labs. He bends down to look under one of the desks and is confronted by a bat like creature, which stands up and immediately takes the form of Mr Wagner. He warns him this is not his classroom and the boy leaves as the teacher looks on.

As the school day draws to a close the students continue to flood the school corridors before leaving for the night, leaving the school empty and dark. In one of the rooms Sarah Jane is breaking in through a window, shining a flashlight to find her way.

Elsewhere the Doctor, Rose and Mickey are also creeping around, Rose marvelling at the thought of an empty school at night and admits that when she was at school she used to think the teachers slept there overnight. The Doctor chimes up and addresses his two friends. First as his team, then gang, then comrades before giving up. He tells Rose to go and get a sample of the toxic oil she found in the kitchen and Mickey to investigate the maths department whilst he checks out Finch’s office. They’ll regroup in ten minutes.

With the Doctor gone Rose and Mickey are left alone, and she asks him if he is up to the job. He scoffs and says that he is an expert at infiltration and investigation, before walking off. Rose waits and soon Mickey rejoins her, asking where the maths department is. She tells him to follow the opposite corridor, turn left and take the corridors on the right. He thanks her and walks off, this time in the right direction.

The Doctor is walking along a corridor and hears a chilling screech. At the door to Finch’s office Sarah Jane, who is trying to break in, also hears the voice and slowly walks off.

In the canteen Rose is collecting a sample of the oil and she too hears the noise, she looks up.

Sarah has retreated into a small corridor and looks through the doors as she pushes them shut. She turns to look at her surroundings and reels back in shock as she finds the TARDIS standing before her. She backs away, back through the doors and into the gym. There she turns again, to find the Doctor, alias John Smith, waiting for her.

He greets her and she finally realises who he is. She marvels, almost speechless. She comments that he has regenerated and he replies that he has done so half a dozen times since they last met. Still astounded, she comments on how incredible she looks and he returns the compliment, but she simply sighs, saying she got old. She asks what he is doing her and he explains about the UFO sightings. He asks of her and she explains she has come for the same reasons. He smiles but she suddenly begins to sob, her voice cracking under the emotion of seeing her old friend again. She mutters how she thought he was dead, she waited for him to come back for her but he never did. He remains calm and explains he survived. Everyone else died but he survived. Sarah pulls herself together and admits she still can’t believe he really is the Doctor but suddenly a scream echoes out from the distance. She looks past his shoulder and then at him. Now she can.

They run from the gym and out into the corridors, where they are met by Rose who has also heard the scream. She asks who the Doctor is standing with and he introduces Sarah and Rose. Sarah greets the young girl then turns to the Doctor, quipping that it’s obvious he’s getting older, his assistants are getting younger. Rose replies, claiming not to be his assistant but the Doctor interrupts, running to the source of the scream. Sarah and Rose follow behind.

They emerge in a maths classroom where Mickey is surrounded by hundreds of vacuum-packed rats. The Doctor teases him, calling him a girl for screaming and goes onto describe the nine year old he sees in his mind when hi thinks about him. Rose cuts in and asks exactly what rats are doing in a school. Sarah explains they must be used in biology and assumes Rose must not be at that level of education yet. She asks her age but Rose retorts that rats are no longer dissected in schools anymore and quips as to when Sarah comes from, presumably the dark ages.

The Doctor cuts in and explains they must find Finch’s office, all of the strange goings on first happened when he arrived at the school. As the four of them walk the corridors Rose inquires as to who exactly Sarah is and she replies by explaining she once travelled with the Doctor for a while. Rose tells her that the Doctor has never mentioned her but the Doctor insists he must have done. She pretends to think it over and confirms he never has. Sarah is shocked by what she hears and walks after Rose as the Doctor and Mickey lag behind, the young man welcoming the Doctor to world of the missus and the ex.

Opening the door to Finch’s office the Doctor ponders that the rat might have been food. Rose enquires as to what would at them and as the Doctor steps inside he reminds her how she said earlier that she always thought the teachers slept in school. She asks what he’s on about and follows him inside, only to find a series of bat creatures hanging from the ceiling. The Doctor grimly confirms that Rose’s suspicions about teachers were correct; they do sleep inside the school at nighttime. Mickey, who has followed them inside with Sarah, looks up at the bat creatures and runs off, followed by Rose and Sarah and finally the Doctor, who closes the door behind him. As he does so, one of the creatures wakes up and lets out a screech.

Outside the school they rush outside and the Doctor explains the creatures must be the replacements for the staff Finch had replaced. He ushers for the others to come back inside but Mickey protests. He explains he must return to the TARDIS to analyse the oil sample but Sarah has another idea. She has something to show the Doctor.

Opening her car boot Sarah lets the Doctor uncover a large object shrouded in a blanket. He pulls of the cover and underneath sits a rather battered looking K-9. Joyfully he greets his old friend and despite Rose and Mickey’s unimpressed comments he fusses the lifeless robotic dog. Sarah explains that one day he just stopped working and the Doctor is shocked to hear she never tried to fix him. She responds, explaining she’d never be able to get new parts for him and the science that brings him to life would rewrite human science if uncovered. The Doctor continues to fuss him as Rose looks on unimpressed.

High up on the school roof something is watching them. It observes them as they close the boot of the car and prepare to leave. It takes off and flies past the moon, screeching. It’s one of the bat creatures.

In a café somewhere near the school Mickey taunts Rose about knowing more of the Doctor’s past than she presumed correct and gloats with his upper hand. She simply fobs him off but he continues, warning her to lay of the chips.

Back on the roof Mr Finch is standing proud. He calls for the airborne creature to return to him and sure enough it does, perching beside him. They watch as the Doctor and Sarah talk in the café.

The two old friends sit at one of the tables, the Doctor tending to K-9. Sarah explains how she was thinking of him on Christmas day during the Sycorax invasion. He confirms that he was on the spaceship, and to her discomfort so was Rose. She changes the conversation and asks if she had done something wrong whilst travelling with him, because he never came back for her. The Doctor explains that he was called home and had to leave her behind because humans weren’t allowed to set foot on his planet. She still insists that she waited but her chuckles that she didn’t need him, she was getting on with her life. She remains persistent. He was her life. She continues, talking of the worst thing about being left; what happens, or rather what doesn’t happen next. He took her to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, to see supernovas and intergalactic battles before just dropping her back on Earth, how could anything compare to that?

Confused the Doctor asks if she’s implying she wants him to apologise for taking her but she simply tries to emphasise that all his companions ever get is a taster of life beyond Earth and then have to go back to an ordinary life. The Doctor explains that she’s doing fine, investigating as they always used to do when they were travelling together. She remains focused, he could have come back. He insists he couldn’t but when she asks why, he merely looks away.

After a long silence she explains it wasn’t Croydon where he dropped her off it was Aberdeen. He makes a joke of his error, but is cut off when K-9 whirs into life. He recognises the Doctor immediately and the ecstatic Time Lord asks Rose for the oil extract so it can be analysed, the bat creature and Mr Finch still watching from the school roof.

Despite the Doctor’s warnings to not touch the oil, the Doctor dips in hi finger and applies some to K-9’s sensor, suffering no ill effects whatsoever. Slowly K-9 begins to analyse the sample, much to Mickey’s hilarity. Sarah tries to defend her pet but K-9 has finished analysing, it is Krillitane Oil. The Doctor begins to look worried and explains things are much worse than he feared. He explains that the Krillitanes are a composite race, just as the English are an amalgamation of those who have invaded Britain or been invaded by it, the Krillitanes are an amalgam of the races the conquer, adopting the physical properties they admire from each race before destroying them. Rose asks what they are doing on Earth and the Doctor explains it must be something to do with the school; they’re doing something to the children.

Mr Finch and the Krillitane look on as Sarah and Mickey load K-9 into the car, Sarah explaining how the Doctor not only travels with humans, but with aliens and tin dogs a well. She asks Mickey what role he plays in the TARDIS crew and he explains he is their ‘man in nirvana’, their ‘technical support’ but before he can continue it dawns on him, he’s just the tin dog.

The Krillitane gets uneasy and flaps it’s wings but Finch holds it back, telling it to wait his command.

Outside the café Rose is having a heated discussion with the Doctor. She asks exactly how many people have travelled with the Doctor and demands to know whether she is just the latest in a long line. The Doctor asks as opposed to what and Rose admits that she though that she and the Doctor were something special but she now sees she’s not. Despite seeing the year five billion this is really seeing the future, the Doctor just leaves his companions behind and asks if that’s what he’s going to do to her but he insists it isn’t. Rose, on the verge of tears, asks of Sarah Jane, explaining how he used to be closed to her once but never even mentions her, and she wants to know why not. The Doctor explains.

He never ages. He regenerates. But humans decay, they wither and die and he can’t stand to see that happen to someone he loves. Rose can spend the rest of her life with him, but he can’t spend the rest of his life with her. He has to live on. Alone. That’s the curse of the Time Lord.

Finch has his cue; the Doctor is a Time Lord. The Krillitane swoops down on the Doctor, Rose, Sarah and Mickey. It does not attack but instead swoops away towards the moon, leaving the group unsettled.

It is the next day at the school and the children are milling around outside. The Doctor and his friend are walking outside. He tells Sarah and Rose to open up one of the school computers so he can see the hardware inside and gives them to sonic screwdriver to help them. He tells Mickey to stay outside and keep watch as surveillance and Sarah hands him the keys to her car so he can keep K-9 company. The Doctor reminds him to keep the window open a crack but Mickey doesn’t understand, K-9 doesn’t need air he’s metal but the Doctor insists it isn’t for K-9. He meanwhile is going to have a word with Mr Finch.

In the corridors of the school Mr Finch looks up at one of the stairwells, the Doctor is there staring back. Sometime later the Doctor enters the school swimming pool, where Mr Finch is waiting for him. The headmaster introduces him as Brother Lasser, and the Doctor questions him, asking how long the Krillitanes have had wings. Lasser explains that his ancestors, ten generations ago, invaded Bethsaal, and the inhabitants had wings they took a liking to. The Doctor observes how they are now in human form but Lasser explains it is a personal preference. The others remain in bat form, hidden beneath a morphic illusion.

He turns conversation to the Time Lords, explaining how he always thought of them as such a pompous race, frightened of change and chaos. He talks of how they are all but extinct, all except the Doctor. The Time Lord changes conversation to the Krillitane’s plan but Finch asks him to work it out for himself, to show how clever he is. The Doctor warns him that if he doesn’t like it he’ll stop them. Finch stands amazed, the Time Lords were always peaceful to the point of indolence but the Doctor is something new. He asks if the Doctor would go so far as to declare war on the Krillitanes but he merely continues to warn him. He is so old now. He used to have so much mercy and he will give only one warning, and that was it. Finch maintains that the Krillitanes are not the Doctor’s enemies and soon he shall embrace them. The Doctor will join with him.

Mickey is sitting alone in the car, comparing being sent to sit in the car to being back at school and being told to sit at the back of the class with the safety scissors and glitter. He breaks off, realising he is talking to a robot dog.

In the computer room Sarah is trying to dismantle one of the computers but is having difficulty operating the sonic screwdriver. Rose takes charge as Sarah explains it always worked first time in her day. Rose mutters how everything was much simpler in her day. Sarah offers rose some device, despite her not seeming that interested. She explains she realises how intense a relationship with the Doctor can be and she doesn’t want her to feel that she’s intruding. Rose admits she doesn’t feel threatened by her and Sarah relaxes a little and explains she is not interested in picking up where she and the Doctor left off. Rose is not convinced and asks why Sarah seemed so wide eyed last night when she was with the Doctor and why she seemed so eager to introduce K-9. Sarah explains she was trying to talk to the doctor about how hard it was trying to readjust to life back on Earth after travelling with him and Rose picks up on this. She mocks her, saying how when Sarah joined the Doctor rationing had only just been stopped, no wonder all the space exploration seemed a bit much for her.

Sarah begins to take offence as challenges Rose, claiming to have seen things Rose could never dream of. Rose tells her to try and impress her and a battle to out-do one another ensures. Sarah and Rose take it in turns to name past foes they have encountered. Rose talks of ghosts, Slitheen in Downing Street and a real living werewolf whilst Sarah talks of mummies, robots, Daleks (to which Rose replies she has met the Emperor), anti-matter monsters, real living dinosaurs and finally the Loch Ness Monster, which finally knocks Rose out and she sounds impressed.

The two girls finally realise how stupid they sound and soon they are talking like old friends, both relating how the Doctor would explain things at ninety miles an hour, only to look at his companion like he’d just dribbled on their shirt on them what they didn’t understand and how he strips parts of the TARDIS. They laugh together and continue when the Doctor actually enters to find how they are getting on.

Finch meanwhile enters the staff room. He talks to his disguised brothers and tells them that they must initiate the final phase. The time has come. Today they shall become gods.

Outside in the playground the tannoy sounds and all of the pupils are told to return to classes, and all staff are to convene in the staff room. Surprisingly the students are happy that break time has finished early, apart from Kenny and soon they are on their way back to class, leaving Kenny alone in the courtyard.

The pupils try to enter the main computer room but Rose redirects them. In the staff room the humanoid Krillitanes turn on those who remain from the original teaching team and devour them. Back in the computer room the Doctor realises the computers are sealed with a deadlock seal, the only thing the sonic screwdriver can’t open.

Elsewhere the pupils begin to file into classrooms under the watchful eyes of teachers, but Kenny remains alone, watching his peers as they are led away. Finch returns to his office where he uses his computer to override the security codes and lock the school completely.

In the classrooms teachers are initiating the same programme with the mysterious green symbols and soon every pupil is typing away without question.

In the empty computer room the programme is being displayed on the disused monitors as well as the display screen at the front of the room. The Doctor realises it is some sort of code.

Meanwhile, Kenny looks in at the many classrooms and sees his friends all wired up to the computer. He flees down a staircase and down to the front door but it is locked.

The Doctor stares transfixed at the code and suddenly it dawns on him what the Krillitanes are doing, but he can’t believe it.

Mickey finds Kenny banging on the locked door and runs to him, where the young boy explains to him that the teachers have taken all of the children. Mickey ruses back to the car and manages to restart K-9 and asks him how to get in the school. The dog repeatedly states that they are in a car and soon Mickey realises what he is trying t say. He calls for Kenny to stand back and climbs inside.

The Doctor realises the Krillitanes are trying to crack the Skasis Paradigm, the universal god-maker, which will allow them to possess the building blocks of life and all of matter itself. The children are working as part of the computer, their intelligence having been accelerated by the oil in the kitchens. Rose realises she too has been consuming the oil, which the chips were cooked in and sure enough when the Doctor asks her what 59 multiplied by 35 is, she immediately knows the answer, 2065.

Sarah asks why children must be used and the Doctor explains that imagination is needed in order to crack the god-maker and explains the Krillitanes are using the children’s souls.

Finch enters and begins to defend the motives of his race, claiming that with the power of the god-maker they can change the universe for the better. The Doctor mocks him but he turns on him, claiming he acts like a rebel but all he wants to do is preserve the old order. With the god-maker the Doctor could become a god at his side. He could save civilisations, save his own people to rise again, reborn. Sarah tells him not to listen but Finch then turns to her, explaining she could be by his side for eternity, never to wither or to age. He begs the Doctor to join him and the Doctor begins to see that the power of the god-maker could stop the Time War from ever happening.

Sarah cuts in and explains the universe must be allowed to move forward. Pain and loss define us as much as happiness and love, whether it’s a world or a relationship. Everything has its time and everything ends. The Doctor listens and comes to his senses. He picks up a chair and hurls it at the front screen, smashing it to pieces. He then flees with Sarah and Rose.

Outside Mickey has started up the car and is accelerating towards the school. Kenny takes cover as the car crashes through the front doors and into the foyer. He gets out and runs with Kenny off to try and help.

In the corridors of the school Finch stands alone, screeching. All over the building his brother Krillitanes are changing, abandoning their disguises and reverting to their true form. As they fly about the school Mickey and Kenny manage to find the Doctor, Rose and Sarah and together they flee to the canteen, where Finch is waiting.

The Krillitanes swoop around, with orders to save the Doctor but eat the others. The groups try and fend of the beasts but not for long. They hide under tables until a small ray of light blasts down one of their predators. K-9 has found his way to the canteen and with his laser activated, is firing at the Krillitanes. Finch screeches and the Doctor and his friends manage to get away, leaving K-9 to fend for himself, but his power supply is failing. Finch tells his brothers to ignore the “shooty dog thing” and the creatures take flight after the Doctor.

In the corridor the Doctor realises the oil is poisonous to the Krillitanes, having changed their physiology so much it is now toxic to them. The creatures begin to break through the door. The Doctor realises they must get to the kitchen but doesn’t know how to get past bat-like creatures. Kenny has the answer and smashes a fire alarm, setting off the high-pitched bell. The Krillitanes squeal in agony and they manage to escape. As the Doctor, Rose, Sarah and Kenny flee to the Kitchens, Mickey runs off to help the children break free of the computers.

Finch puts his fist through the wall and breaks the cables connected to the fire bell, stopping it, whilst K-9 returns from the canteen to rejoin the Doctor fleeing down a corridor.

Mickey finds his way to the computer room where the children are plugged in and tries to rouse them from their transfixed state, but it’s no use.

In the kitchens the Doctor and the others arrive only to find the vats of oil are dead lock sealed and can’t be opened. K-9 admits a blast from his laser will break the seal but he hasn’t much energy left.

In the computer room Mickey traces a bundle of wires connecting the computers to a plug socket. Slightly bemused he unplugs the computer systems and they begin to overload. The pupils regain consciousness and begin to run as Mickey tells them.

The Krillitanes resume human form and begin pacing the school corridors, whilst in the kitchen K-9 explains to break the vat he’ll have to be positioned directly next to it. The Doctor realises his friend will never be able to get out in time but he knows that. He says goodbye and reluctantly runs outside to join the others as K-9 takes his position.

Outside the Doctor locks the door to the kitchen as Sarah asks what has happened to K-9. The Doctor remains silent and simply continues to run, with his old friend in tow.

In the kitchen the humanoid Krillitanes enter, led by Finch. He looks down to see K-9 sitting beside the vat. He fires his laser and the vat bursts, spraying the Krillitanes with the oil whilst outside Mickey and the school children are running for their lives. Finch looks over to K-9 and calls him a bad dog. The metal mutt replies ‘affirmative’ before the school blows up.

Outside the children cheer as papers rain down from the sky. Kenny looks on and soon Melissa realises he has something to do with it. She yells it out to the other children and soon Kenny is a hero, as the Doctor and Sarah look on and Rose and Mickey join in the celebrations.

The Doctor tries to apologise to Sarah for K-9 but she insists it’s okay. The two old friends look on as the burning school smoulders.

Some time later, the TARDIS is parked in a park somewhere near a school. Sarah approaches, only to be met by the Doctor. He offers her a cup of tea and she steps inside, amazed at the new console room. She says she prefers the one she used to know but it’ll do. She turns to Rose and asks her what is 47 multiplied by 369, but she doesn’t know; the oil has worn off. Sarah maintains she is still clever, more than a match for the Doctor. Rose smiles and replies ‘you and me both’.

The Doctor explains they are about to leave and offers Sarah a place onboard, but she explains she can’t do that anymore, it’s time for her to stop waiting for the Doctor and get a life of her own.

Mickey chimes in ad asks if he can come instead, to prove he isn’t just the tin dog. Rose doesn’t look too pleased but Sarah insists, what with Sarah Jane Smith and Mickey Smith the Doctor needs a Smith onboard. He agrees, he could do with a laugh. Mickey asks Rose if it’s okay that he comes with them and unenthusiastically she agrees to let him come.

Sarah decides it is time to go. She walks up to Rose who asks what to do, whether or not she should stay with the Doctor. She tells her she should; some things are worthy getting your heart broken for. They hug each other goodbye and before she leaves the ship Sarah tells Rose to find her one day if she ever needs her.

Outside the ship the Doctor and Sarah stand alone. She finally gets a chance to say thank-you for the time she spent with him and the Doctor laments that it’s something to tell her grandchildren. Sarah is doubtful; it’ll probably be someone else’s grandchildren. The Doctor, slightly embarrassed asks Sarah how her personal life has been since he left her but she insists there was only one man for her. She travelled with him for a while but he was a tough act to follow.

Sarah says goodbye but the Doctor tries to insist it’s not goodbye for good. Sarah stops him in his tracks and asks him to say it, just this time. He looks at her and finally bids her farewell. “Goodbye…my Sarah Jane”

They embrace for one last time and the Doctor returns to the TARDIS, leaving Sarah to watch him go, but he has one last gift for her. As the police box disappears Sarah finds a rejuvenated K-9 waiting for her. He trundles forward and greets his mistress and together, they walk off towards a new life…


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