Doomsday – Episode Guide


“My name is Rose Tyler, and this is the story of Torchwood, the last story I’ll ever tell. This is the story of how I died.”As the Daleks, led by the Black Dalek, advance to kill Rose, Mickey and Rajesh the young time traveller confuses them by showing that she, a mere human is aware of the Daleks and the Time War. She tells them they must keep them alive to find out why but the creatures are more concerned with awakening a device called the Genesis Ark, a domed object that has followed them out of the sphere. 

Back in the office the Doctor admits he has no idea what has happened to Rose as the Cyber Leader makes a speech to the entire world, telling them that the Cybermen have taken over and that they will upgrade the planet. As Cybermen stand over families in their homes the Cyber Leader tells them they will delete race and sex, all indifferences will be taken away as the entire population is converted.

As Cybermen march across the city, unperturbed by army gunfire only defeated by heavy artillery, the Doctor and the others look on from the Torchwood tower, explaining to the Cyber Leader that the humans will never surrender, they are in every home, standing over their own children, of course they will fight.

In the sphere room the Daleks demand to know the least important of the three humans before them and reluctantly Rajesh offers himself. They tell him they need to find out more about recent Earth history and will extract his brainwaves. They glide forward and with their sensor sticks crush his head.

The Cybermen detect the alien machinery active in the sphere room and send two guards to investigate. The Daleks themselves release the burnt-out Rajesh and realise another race has attempted to invade Earth. One Dalek is sent to investigate and as both sides open visual links via the scouts they have sent out and the two metallic creatures approach each other they each discover their adversaries

Both sides demand the other identify themselves but both refuse. The Daleks eventually give away their name and soon realise the other creatures are Cybermen. The Doctor meanwhile uses Jackie’s phone to call Rose, realising she is still alive.

He listens to the Daleks conversation as they identify the Genesis Ark and after putting on his 3-D glasses watches as the Cybermen propose an alliance. The Daleks refuse and open fire, blasting the two Cybermen scouts to the floor.

The Cyber Leader consults the Black Dalek and states that war has been declared. The Dalek insists that it is pest control and after the two sides compare army numbers (five million Cybermen to four Daleks) the communication barriers are put up. The Daleks rewind the video and see a figure standing behind the Cyber Leader they recognise. They identify him as an enemy and when Rose tells them he is the Doctor she notes that they are starting to get scared.

In the office Yvonne and Jackie are dragged away for upgrading and in the sphere room the Daleks concentrate on opening the Genesis Ark. Mickey ponders why he and Rose have been kept alive but Rose has a theory, the Daleks might need her.

Down in the basement Jackie and Yvonne await upgrading. Yvonne explains the process of upgrading and as she finishes is led away, sobbing that she has done her duty for queen and country, before her screams pierce the air.

Back in the office, after the Cyber Leader lectures the Doctor on the weakness of emotions, in the middle of the room a group of soldiers appear and destroy the Cybermen in the surrounding area. The leader says hello to the Doctor and reveals himself to be Jake, from the other dimension.

Elsewhere, Jackie runs away from being upgraded when the Cybermen neglect her after realising the Cyber Leader has been destroyed. She runs for her life and starts to flee towards a staircase.

The Doctor splutters that travel between dimensions is impossible but Jake reveals he and his soldiers wear special necklaces they liberated from their own version of Torchwood. He places one round the Doctor’s neck and against his wishes activates the devices, landing them in the other dimension’s torchwood, a dilapidated room covered in debris. The Time Lord tries to explain he must get back but he is interrupted by Pete Tyler, who enters and tells him that he will have to listen for once.

In the sphere room the Daleks surround the Genesis ark and Rose remembers the first time she met a Dalek, when her DNA rejuvenated it due to the background radiation gained by travelling in time which the Daleks can feed off of. She and Mickey have travelled in time, their DNA will do. The Daleks then reveal to them that the Ark is of Time Lord design, the last surviving relic of their world. It contains the future.

In the parallel dimension Pete explains that after the Doctor left them the Cybermen, having been sealed in their factories, managed to infiltrate Torchwood and disappear into the other dimension. He goes on to tell him that Mickey is already there, as an excuse to find Rose. After the Doctor explains about what a good father and husband Pete could be to Rose and Jackie in his dimension he explains that the freak weather conditions in the parallel dimension are caused because of the inter-dimensional travel, it is punching holes in the universe. Soon both worlds will fall into the void.

Pete tells the Doctor that the breech must be sealed; despite the fact the Cybermen will be left in the other dimension. The Doctor remembers the Pete Tyler form his own world and what a good match this one would make with Jackie before deciding that Pete’s confidence in him to destroy the Daleks and the Cybermen as well as seal the breech is the spur he needs. Soon they arrive back in the Doctor’s dimension and the Doctor phones Jackie. She tells him where she is and he tells her to stay low before hanging up and then sets about modifying Jake’s gun to work on the Dalek armour. Some time later he is in a corridor waving a white piece of paper at two patrolling Cybermen, surrendering to them.

In the sphere room the Genesis Ark is at the final stage of awakening. Only the handprint is needed to open it. After the Daleks threaten to kill Mickey, Rose is forced to step forward but then decides to confront them. She tells them of the Emperor, how he survived the Time War but died at her hands, when she poured the Time Vortex into his head.

The Black Dalek prepares to exterminate her but the Doctor, wearing his 3-D glasses, arrives and stops him. He greets Mickey and his companion before realising that the four Daleks are the Cult of Skaro, who were left during the war to devise new ways of killing.

Mickey explains that the Genesis Ark is of Time Lord design but the Doctor admits he has never seen it before, both sides had secrets. The Daleks explain the Time Lord science will restore Dalek supremacy and Rose explains it needs the touch of a time traveller to awaken it. The Doctor comments that that is the one thing Daleks cannot do; touch. Sealed inside their casings they are completely alone, no wonder they scream.

The Daleks order him to open the Ark but he refuses and instead takes out his Sonic Screwdriver, using it to blast open a door and allow the Cybermen and the fighters from the other dimension inside, blasting the Daleks and confusing them. Pete and Jake help the others out into the corridor but Mickey trips and steadies himself by placing his hand on the Ark. He joins the others and the doctor seals the door. Soon the battle is over, the Cybermen have been exterminated and the Genesis Ark is primed. The head Dalek explains that the Ark needs a space of thirty square miles and together they exit the room.

As the Doctor and company flee Jackie, running down a corridor, is confronted by two Cybermen. Before they can act they are blasted apart by the newly arrived Pete. Jackie is astounded by his presence but soon after he explains where he comes from and he tells her to be proud of bringing up Rose, they are embracing one another.

Across Torchwood Tower the Daleks and the Genesis Ark are blasting their way to freedom, unstoppable against the Cybermen and the Torchwood soldiers. The Cyber Leader orders all Cybermen to return to the Torchwood tower and across London troops of them begin their marching.

Amidst the battle the Doctor, wearing his 3-D glasses, creeps into the store room and steals tow large clamp devices before retreating with the others, leaving the Daleks to override the sliding roof and elevate outside, as the Doctor ponders what the Genesis Ark really is. He orders the others to return to the office and when they arrive they finally see what is inside. The Ark opens and inside there advances an army of Daleks. Like a TARDIS it is bigger on the inside, a prison ship containing a million Daleks all flying out across the city.

Soon the troops of Cybermen are under attack and the Daleks are flying around the streets, exterminating both Cybermen and humans alike, led by the Black Dalek. Inside the office Pete hands Jackie one of the teleport necklaces and tells her she is coming with him. The Doctor prepares to seal the breech and finally reveals that his 3-D glasses enable him to see who has travelled via the void by illustrating the background radiation surrounding them, including himself and Rose but not Jackie. The Daleks and Cybermen have travelled through the void and thus if he opens the void all of the matter that has travelled inside will be sucked back inside.

Rose realises that as she has been through the void she will be sucked in with the others but the Doctor explains that that is why she must go with Pete and the others to his own world before the breech is sealed forever. He tells that the clamps he picked up will fix to the wall and he will hold onto them, keeping him safe. He sets about programming them and as Rose decides she must stay with the Doctor, bidding farewell to Jackie, he places a necklace over her head. Pete activates them all and she fades away to the other dimension.

However on the other side she refuses to be left behind again and manages to activate the necklace, sending herself back. Jackie tries to follow but Pete stops her and on the other side Rose refuses to go, even if it means never seeing her own mother again. The Doctor reluctantly sets her a task as Jackie is left to sob to herself.

The Cybermen are on their way back to the void entrance, having decided to retreat back to their own world but are stopped by the Cyberman version of Yvonne, who refuses to let them pass. Telling them she did her duty for queen and country she destroys them.

Soon the levers are operated and as the Doctor and Rose fix the clamps to the wall and pull the void levers the process tarts. They hold onto the clamps as every Cyberman and Dalek is sucked off of the face of the Earth and into the void. The Black Dalek however activates an emergency temporal shift and teleports away, leaving the Genesis Ark to follow the other Daleks.

However one of the levers begins to shut down, closing the void and Rose is forced to grab onto it, pushing it back to the online position. The suction starts again but despite the Doctor’s pleas to hold on Rose’s grip starts to slacken. He fingers slip and she hurtles towards the void. The Doctor screams out to her but Pete arrives in the nick of time and takes her back to his own dimension. The Doctor is left alone as the last of the Daleks are sucked into the void and it closes itself.

On the other side Rose pounds on the wall as Pete inspects one of the teleport necklaces, they cease to function, the Doctor has succeeded. In different dimensions the Doctor and Rose are left to clutch the wall where the void was opened, the Doctor stone-faced and Rose sobbing her heart out, separated from him forever.

Eventually the Doctor turns and walks away and Rose does the same. Jackie, Pete and Mickey all await her and reluctantly she goes towards them.

“Last night I had a dream. I heard a voice and it was calling my name. I told mum and dad and Mickey. Anyone else would think I was mad but not those three. They believed it, because they’ve met the Doctor so they listened to the dream. And that night we packed up, got into dad’s old jeep and off we went, just like the dream said. We followed the voice across the water, kept on driving hundreds and hundreds of miles ‘cos he’s calling. Here I am at last. And this is the story of how I died.”

On a winded deserted beach, Rose stands looking for something. Slowly the Doctor fades into view and explains he is inside the TARDIS, communicating through the very last crack in the universe. He explains that he is only an image and she can’t touch him, he can’t even come through properly because of the fractures it will cause.

Rose explains they are in Norway, and the beach’s name is Bad Wolf Bay. With the two minutes they have left she is lost for words until she explains that a baby is on its way, Jackie is pregnant. She tells him she is working for Torchwood; she knows a thing or two about aliens.

The Doctor tells her that she is listed as dead in their world, yet still she has an ordinary life day after day, the one adventure he’ll never have. Tearfully she asks him if she can ever see him again but he admits that she can’t. He explains he’ll go off on his old life, travelling the stars.

Fighting back tears she tells him she loves him and he tells her she is right to. He realises that if he’ll never have another chance to say it: “Rose Tyler…”

But it is too late. His images fades away and he is left in the TARDIS, tears running down his cheeks and his mouth failing to utter the last words he ever wanted to say to her. Rose is left on the beach to cry until Jackie, who stands with the others in the background runs forwards and hugs her.

Inside the TARDIS the Doctor begins the take off procedure but there is a surprise in store for him. On the gangway stands a woman in full bridal dress. She turns and looks at him and as he stutters in confusion and disbelief she asks him:

“Who are you? Where am I? What the hell is this place?”


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