Utopia – Episode Guide


The TARDIS lands in present day Cardiff, where the Doctor explains to Martha that the ship needs to refuel using a rift in time and space that runs over the city. Noting that the rift has become active recently he glances at the scanner to find Captain Jack running toward the ship.

He hurriedly moves to take off but Jack manages to grab hold of the ship. Inside the Doctor and Martha are thrown off balance as the ship accelerates to the year 100 trillion, the end of the universe. Outside Jack clings to the ship as it hurtles through the vortex and on a distant planet a group of savages sense an oncoming presence

“Humans are coming…”

 Elsewhere on the planet a terrified human runs for is life as the savages chase after him. An elderly man some miles away, who gazes at a radar screen in his laboratory with his insect-humanoid assistant, monitors their activities and recognises the victim as another lost soul dreaming of Utopia.

A voice rings out over a nearby intercom, asking the pair about their progress in their work. The man, Professor Yana, mumbles a reply but then leaves his assistant Chan Tho to explain their situation; he instead stumbles away as a militaristic drumbeat swarms into his head. Once the intercom goes silent he returns to the radar, finding a series of uncharacteristic traces have appeared on the screen. Unbeknownst to him these traces are the TARDIS and Jack.

Inside the ship the Doctor theorises that he and his friend should leave, not even the Time Lords travelled so far into the future. However, he then breaks into a smile and in a rush of adrenalin runs outside. Martha follows and they find Jack unconscious nearby. Martha examines his body as the Doctor confesses he knows him. She claims that he is dead but suddenly he breathes in, showing himself to be very much alive.

He begins flirting with Martha and the Doctor scolds him. They give each other a somewhat frosty reception and Jack, after noting the Doctor’s regeneration, confesses he has been following the Time Lord for some time. He then tells him that he has seen the list of the dead following the battle of Canary Warf some time ago, and asks if Rose, the Doctor’s previous companion, is really gone. The Doctor explains that she is in fact safe, now living in a parallel universe, and the two embrace in their happiness, Martha somewhat less amused.

Elsewhere, the ‘Human Hunt’ continues and as the Doctor and his friends begin walking across the planet’s surface Jack explains that after the events on the Game Station the last time he met the Doctor, he used his now broken Time Vortex Manipulator to return to Earth in 1869, living through the 20th Century until he found a version of the Doctor he could happily coincide with.

The Doctor grows bored of the conversation and they move on, discovering a forgotten city built into the face of a canyon. They then encounter the hunt, and try to intervene. Soon they are confronted by the savages, who stop advancing when Jack fires a gun into the air.

The savage’s prey tells the travellers they must make it to a nearby silo in order to reach safety, and they run to find it. They arrive with the savages hot on their tails. Safely within the complex they watch as the hunters move away, swearing to return. They are then taken inside and their arrival is reported to the Professor, who is jubilant at the arrival of a scientist.

The Doctor manages to arrange for the TARDIS to be collected from the planet’s surface, and he and his friends move off into the dirty corridors of the complex, which Martha notes resembles a refugee camp. Following a young boy who now works for those who run the silo, the Doctor admires the ability of humans to survive before finding a giant rocket concealed behind a locked door. The humans are not refugees; they are passengers awaiting their departure.

The Professor arrives and rushes the Doctor to the laboratory; unaware that one of the savages has made their way into the complex. Jack and Martha introduce themselves to Chan Tho as the Doctor examines their work, a massive launch mechanism for the rocket that so far has failed to work. He tells a disheartened Professor that he has no idea how to make the machinery function correctly and then turns his attention to a shocked Martha.

Having looked inside Jack’s backpack, she discovers a severed hand encased in a jar of liquid. The Doctor recognises it as his own and recalls how he lost it shortly after his regeneration. Jack explains that it was this that allowed him to trace his friend as the Doctor tells the Professor his species; a Time Lord.

The Professor then explains that the savages are outside are called the Future Kind, and it is feared that they are what the current humans will become if they do not reach Utopia; a planet from which a call to the humans came many years ago. The Professor, who is helping to transport his people there in the rocket, remembers the work of the Utopia Project some time ago, aiming to find a way of allowing the human race to last beyond eternity, and now it appears they have succeeded. As the Doctor examines the mechanics in more detail the elderly man hears the drums again, stronger than before.

The Doctor realises that the rocket will not work, something the Professor is aware of but will not tell the others so as not to dishearten them. The Time Lord then proceeds to reverse one of the components of the maze of machinery with his Sonic Screwdriver and suddenly the system roars to life.

Elsewhere in the complex the humans begin making their way to the rocket, as the Professor, the Doctor and Jack hurry about their work. Outside the TARDIS arrives on a truck and the sentries abandon their posts to go inside, the Future Kind still waiting and their spy still concealed inside. Martha and Chan Tho rush along corridors making preparations for the launch, Martha wishing luck to the small boy she and her friends first met when they arrived as he rushes to take his seat inside the rocket.

In the lab the Doctor compliments the Professor on his work and then realises that for the rocket to depart someone must stay behind to make sure the system is functioning. Yana claims he is too old for Utopia but the Time Lord insists he will make it after hearing that his ship has been recovered. Looking at an image of the ship via a communication screen the drums in the Professor’s head begin beating again.

Linking the TARDIS to the launch system the Doctor asks Yana what is wrong and he explains that all of his life the drums have sounded in his head. Elsewhere Martha talks to Chan Tho, who reveals she adores the Professor but he doesn’t notice, a feeling Martha can relate to.

In a room beneath the rocket the final linkages are being made. The Professor explains that the room is flooded with radiation, and the levels inside must be kept steady. However, the Future Kind spy manages to sabotage the system and the levels rise, disintegrating the man inside. Jack tries to jumpstart the system by connecting two large live wires. The spy is killed and Jack falls to the floor from shock.

Martha tries to examine him but declares he is dead. The Doctor notes that they now need a man who cannot die to enter the room and make the linkages, and sure enough Jack reawakens, ready to help. As he prepares to enter the chamber Jack asks the Doctor how long he has knows about his immortality, and the Time Lord declares that he has known ever since he ran away.

In the laboratory, Martha explains that she, the Doctor and Jack are travellers in time and space, using the TARDIS to move around. These words begin to echo around Professor Yana’s head whilst below the rocket, the Doctor watches Jack continue to connect the couplings.

Discussing Jack’s immortality the Doctor explains that as a Time Lord he fears such anomalies, a fixed point in time and space should never happen. Jack remembers his encounter with the Daleks (another word that reverberates in Yana’s head) and the Doctor explains that Jack was made immortal by Rose, who used the power of the Time Vortex to resurrect him from death, only to let the process go too far. The Doctor asks Jack if he has ever wanted to die, but he is not sure. He thinks about the humans surviving at the end of time, and claims it inspires him.

In the laboratory Martha and Chan Tho notice the Professor’s discomfort, and ask him what is wrong. He admits his confusion concerning the concept of actual time travel, and notes how he, as a person, has never been able to keep track of time. As an example he shows them a fob watch he carries that he claims is broken. Martha recognises the device as identical to one the Doctor once used to change his own biology, causing him to become human.

Yana insists that it is broken, remembering that he was found with it as a naked child discovered on the coast of a Silver Devastation. Martha then runs below level to the rocket, where Jack has finished making the connections. He and the Doctor then begin making the final preparations as their friend arrives, explaining that the Professor has a Chameleon Ark, just like the Doctor’s.

Jack realises that it may mean the Doctor might not be the last Time Lord, but the Doctor is weary of discovering which one survived. Martha explains that Yana could not see the watch, as if fooled by a perception filter the Doctor placed on his device when becoming human. The Doctor asks if Yana can see the watch now, but Martha is not sure.

As the voices continue to echo in his head the Professor opens the watch, and as the rocket takes off the Doctor seems to sense an arrival, remembering the words the Face of Boe departed him with some time ago.

“You. Are. Not. Alone.”


A bright light from the watch engulfs the Professor and his manner appears to change. The Doctor makes sure that the rocket has taken off safely before rushing off, only for the Professor to lock them below level, as well as opening the external gates to allow the Future Kind inside the complex. As the creatures flood inside Chan Tho protests what her colleague is doing, and tearfully aims a gun at him. He looks at her in wonder and then proclaims

“Now I can say I was provoked” And he moves towards her holding one of the live wires.

The Doctor and his friends manage to open the locked door and flee toward the laboratory, the Future Kind close behind.

Yana continues to turn on Chan Tho; angered that she never questioned him about the watch as Martha did. She apologises as he continues to approach her, claiming that his name is not the Professor, which was an invention that eventually caused him to forget who he really is:

“I…am…the Master!”

He lunges at her with the wire as the Doctor, Martha and Jack arrive at the door of the laboratory, finding it locked. The Master meanwhile removes a disk from a nearby computer screen, which he claims contains Utopia, another invention. He tries to sever the connection between the TARDIS and the launch system but is shot by the dying Chan Tho.

The Doctor opens the door and enters as the Professor stumbles into the ship, carrying the Doctor’s severed hand with him. He used a deadlock seal to lock out the Doctor, who tries to reason with him whilst Martha and Jack try and hold back the Future Kind.

The Master curses being shot by an insect and a girl, but then realises that if the Doctor can have a young, strong body, so can he.

“The Master…reborn”

He staggers to a halt, explosions of light filling the room from his head and hands. His face warps and changes and he screams in agony, as the Doctor watches light pour from the TARDIS windows. Jack and Martha continue to struggle with the door as the Master, now a young slim man, runs manically about the console.

He opens a communication link and talks to the Doctor, his voice becoming recognisable to Martha. The Doctor begs him to stop and think but it falls on deaf ears. The Master begins to take off and although the Doctor zaps the TARDIS with the Sonic Screwdriver, causing sparks to fly from the console, the ship departs, leaving Jack and Martha still fighting to hold the door closed against the Future Kind and the Doctor standing alone.


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