Last of the Timelords – Episode Guide


One year later, the Earth has been labelled as one facing terminal extinction, the planet is closed.

On a beach in England Dr Tom Milligan watches as Martha Jones arrives on a small boat. Running ashore they greet each other, Martha claiming she needs him to take her to Professor Doherty. He agrees and they walk together, Milligan lamenting about the stories he has heard of his new companion.

“Martha Jones, they say, she’s gonna save the world.”

They go to Tom’s lorry and get inside, driving away as Milligan recalls another legend, that she is the only one who can kill the Master.

Dawn soon comes and onboard the Valiant the Master is jubilant. Dancing around to music he kisses his wife, insults Francine his new maid, and toys with the Doctor, wheeling the old man about in a wheelchair. He stations him beside a window and claims that the new Time Lord Empire is nearly ready to rise.

He notes that after working out what the Toclafane really are some months ago, the Doctor’s hearts were broken, and then tells him that Martha Jones has arrived back in Britain. He demands that the Doctor tell him what it was he whispered in her ear before she left but the aged Time Lord instead claims that he has only one thing to say to the Master, and his nemesis already knows what it is.

Instead of listening he announces to his crew that launch day will occur in twenty-four hours. However, he is unaware that behind his back the Doctor gives a secret message to Francine, holding three fingers out as she passes him. She does the same as she ventures below deck, passing her husband Clive. The enslaved workman then passes the message to Tish, another of the Master’s maids and she in turn gives it to Jack, who has been chained up as a prisoner.

Far below them, in the desolate landscape of England, Milligan and Martha arrive at one of the giant shipyards, constructing huge war ships and preparing them for battle, each with their own black-hole converter. Martha recalls visiting Russia, the largest of the yards with a hundred thousand ships ready to rage war on the universe.

Suddenly they are approached by two Toclafane, who interrogate Milligan and demand to see his ID. He produces a permit to travel and they move on, apparently neglecting Martha. She explains that she holds a perception filter and shows Tom her adapted TARDIS key.

Again they move on in search of Professor Doherty whilst up above them in the Valiant the Doctor’s plan is about to take action. The Master enters the bridge in time for his daily massage (much to the disgust of his wife) and as time approaches three o’clock, Jack manages to break free of his chains, running to try and escape but to little avail.

Clive tries to sabotage the ship’s engines and in the confusion Francine and Tish help the Doctor steal the Laser Screwdriver. He aims it at the Master and again claims he has only one thing left to say to him, but his nemesis is one-step ahead, refusing to listen and confiscating the device, explaining that only he can operate the controls.

He puts the Doctor back in his wheelchair and recalls the past glory of his prisoner, deciding that it is time he exacted his revenge.

Down below Martha and Milligan arrive at the workplace of Doherty, who is watching a transmission from the Valiant. It shows the Master addressing Martha, inviting her to watch as he suspends the Doctor’s ability to regenerate, turning him into tiny frail creature, nine-hundred years of age.

The transmission is cut off but Martha is not deterred, instead she talks to Doherty about the Toclafane, wanting to find out what is inside each floating globe. She reveals that the creatures are vulnerable to high levels of electricity, and soon they are in the process of catching one.

Milligan acts as bait and lures one toward Doherty and Martha, who have set up a high-energy bolt of electricity. The Toclafane is zapped and falls to the ground, deactivated.

Whilst the Doctor is held in a cage on the Valiant the Jones’ are locked in a cell, each of them swearing that eventually they kill the Master, even at the sacrifice of themselves. On the bridge the Master announces that the next day his ships will launch to declare war. He speaks to the Doctor and tells him again of the drumming inside his head, which began when he first looked inside the vortex, calling him to war.

A Toclafane arrives and the Master claims that he is carrying out such plans for them, and that the Doctor should be grateful.

“After all, you love them…so very very much”

Down below Doherty manages to open the globe and inside she uncovers a withered face, which is still very much alive. It talks to Martha and she realises that it is the remains of the small boy she met shortly before the Master was unleashed, one of the refugees seeking Utopia.

The Master explains to his prisoner that he and Lucy travelled back to the end of the universe, where the last humans, as part of the Utopia Project, began cannibalising themselves in order to survive. He used the TARDIS to create a paradox, allowing the future humans to travel back in time, wipe out the human race and adapt it to be a strong warrior race, capable of lasting for eternity.

The changing of history on such a huge scale; with the Master heading the new empire sickens the Doctor, but he can only watch as the Master leaves the bridge with a parting shot:

“The human race. The greatest monsters of them all.”

On Earth, Doherty recalls a legend that claims Martha searched the world for a way to kill a Time Lord, and sure enough she tells them that over the years organisations such as UNIT and Torchwood have gained a lot of information about the Doctor and the Master, and have constructed capable of killing a Time Lord stone dead. She produces the weapon and explains that the four chemicals needed to arm the device are scattered across the world, she has found three but needs to reach London to locate the fourth.

She and Milligan then depart to find the final chemical, leaving Doherty alone. She casts her suspicions on Martha’s ability to kill and as they make their way to a safe house on an abandoned street not far away, she contacts the Valiant with important information regarding Martha Jones.

In the house, which is crammed full of people living as slaves, Martha tells everyone about the Doctor, the man who has saved their live so many times but will never be thanked. She talks warmly of him as she confesses her love for him, but is cut off as the Master arrives outside. He walks slowly along the street, flanked by Toclafane and armed soldiers. He calls for Martha to reveal herself and threatens to slaughter the entire street unless she surrenders.

Sure enough she concedes, and steps outside. Upon his orders she throws down her bag containing the Time Lord gun and he destroys it with the Laser Screwdriver. He then aims the device at her but Milligan runs out to save her, and the Master kills him instead. The Time Lords then decides that the Doctor should be present at her death and soon she is taken onboard the Valiant, as outside the light of dawn breaks.

The Doctor looks on from his cage as his friend is led forward. The Master confiscates her Time Vortex Manipulator and sets a countdown for the launching of the Time Lord fleet. He prepares to kill her but she simply laughs at him. She reveals that the gun was a fake, a cover story to make sure she was caught and brought onboard the Valiant at the right time.

She recalls the Doctor’s last words to her before she left one year ago: “Use the countdown”, and reveals that the true point of her travels was to tell her story, to spread the Doctor’s name. The Master is sceptical but Jack, who is now onboard the bridge, points out that every human is telepathically linked to the Archangel network. Martha has organised for every human to think the Doctor’s name at the climax of the countdown, and sure enough as the clock reaches zero the withered form of the Doctor begins to glow.

The Master looks on in horror as the creature grows. All over the world the Doctor’s name is chanted, and soon he reverts to his normal self, claiming he too is now linked to the psychic network. The Master tries to fire at him with the Laser Screwdriver but it is no use, the Doctor is too powerful. He confiscates the device and bears down on him with his final message:

“I forgive you”

Above the Earth the Toclafane swarm to protect their paradox, with Jack rushing to dismantle the device in the TARDIS. The Master tries to teleport back to the Earth but the Doctor follows, watching as he threatens to destroy the Earth using the black-hole converters in every ship, with the two of them still on the planet’s surface.

As Jack fights to reach the TARDIS and the Toclafane approach the Valiant, the Doctor turns on his nemesis, claiming that despite the Master’s schemes he has always held the most powerful weapon – he knows his enemy. He realises that the Master would never destroy himself and orders him to hand over the trigger to the black-hole converters.

Jack makes his way into the ship and opens fire on the paradox machine. The cannibalised central console explodes in flames as the Master and the Doctor fight for control of the Time Vortex Manipulator once more and beam back onto the Valiant. The airbase rocks and the Doctor announces that time is reversing.

Sure enough the skies begin to swirl, the Time Lord ships fade and the Master’s Empire is destroyed as the turn of the world reverses. Across the Earth people continue in their lives, unaware of what has happened. The Doctor explains that they have returned to 8:02am the preceding day, just after President Winters was killed but before the Toclafane arrived.

However, everyone onboard the Valiant still remembers and as Jack returns to the bridge, Francine pulls a gun on the Master. Tortured by the knowledge of what he did she prepares to fire, urged on by the man himself. The Doctor tries to reason with her and manages to stop her, claiming responsibility for the Master himself. He decides that he will be locked away in the TARIDS, he realises that it is time to stop travelling, now he has someone to care for.

Suddenly a gunshot rings out and the Master falls to the floor, as Lucy Saxon stands over him. The Doctor rushes to help and urges him to regenerate, but he refuses, claiming the Doctor doesn’t know him as well as he thought. The Doctor urges him again, his eyes filling with tears. The Master merely laughs:

“I win.”

With his last words he wonders if the drumming inside his head will stop and suddenly his eyes close, leaving the crying Doctor alone. The last of the Time Lords.

Some time later he stands on the Earth, the Master’s body before him on a funeral pyre. He sets it alight and watches as the flames rise into the night sky before walking away, unaware that some time later someone else arrives at the smouldering monument, picking up the Master’s Gallifreyan ring from the ashes.

Not long after he stands in Cardiff Bay with Martha and Jack, who has decided that it is time to leave. With a year to think about his life he has decided his place is with his team in Torchwood. The Doctor dismantles his Time Vortex Manipulator to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble and before he leaves the Time Agent asks about the future, pondering what could happen to his complexion in the if he were to live for a million years.

He laughs at his own vanity then recalls joining the Time Agency from his home in the Boeshane Peninsula and his nickname at the academy; The Face of Boe. He walks away as the Doctor and Martha watch him go, stunned.

The two friends then return to London, where Martha’s family are reunited with Leo. The Doctor waits inside the repaired TARDIS and eventually Martha enters. He begins talking excitedly of where they could go next but his companion has other ideas. She has decided that with a family to look after she cannot travel with him any more. He thanks her for her help and they embrace, before she leaves the ship and steps outside.

Suddenly she thinks of something and goes back inside, recalling a friend of hers who was once infatuated with a flatmate, but her feelings were never reciprocated. She recalls advising her to move on, and it is time for her to do the same with the Doctor. She hands him her mobile phone and tells him that as soon as it rings he should return to her.

“I’ll see you again mister.”

She departs once again and as the Doctor sets the TARDIS in motion. Walking alone around the console he flicks at the various switches, until suddenly there is the sound of an alarm, the wall before him is blown away and he is thrown to the floor.

He looks up to find the front of an ocean liner embedded in the side of the TARDIS, and scrambles to reach a buoyancy aid that has fallen from the vessel. He turns it over to reveal the name of the ship: the Titanic.

Last of the Timelords is now available as a legal download from iTunes and is also available to purchase on DVD.


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