Evolution of the Daleks – Episode Guide


The Doctor cuts in with the sound of a nearby radio and confronts the Daleks, realising that having used an emergency temporal shift to escape their last encounter they are low on power and have retreated to the sewers. He turns on the newly evolved Sec and enquires as to how he feels. The creature proclaims that he can feel the aggressiveness of mankind, a genius for war.

 The Time Lord protests but then chooses to make his escape, using the radio to emit a high-pitched scream. With Martha and the rest of the captives in tow, the group flee out into the sewers, finding Tallulah waiting for them. Two of the remaining ‘pure’ Daleks and pig slaves follow, leaving Sec to stroke the now-broken radio with his deformed hands. The captives manage to escape above ground again and the Daleks are left to discuss their doubts about their new leader.

Back in Hooverville the Doctor warns Solomon of the oncoming attack, and soon the pig slaves are swarming in from the woods surrounding them them. Realising they are trapped Solomon and his men open fire, but it is no use, the Daleks have arrived. Up in the air they open fire, stopping only when the Doctor intervenes. Solomon tries to make speech and even though Sec, who watches the encounter back in the laboratory, appears to be moved by the human’s call for peace, his Daleks open fire and kill the human leader.

Infuriated, the Doctor orders the Daleks to kill him and spare the others, but Sec orders them to halt before they can carry out the act. He orders that the Time Lord be brought back to the Empire State Building on the condition that the remaining humans will be left alone. The Doctor prepares to leave, handing Martha his psychic paper before departing.

In the laboratory the remaining Dalek asks Sec why their enemy was spared, to which he claims that his genius may be needed for the future of the Dalek race. Whilst in Hooverville Martha helps those injured in the conflict and ponders how she is supposed to use the psychic paper, the Doctor arrives.

He condemns Sec for allowing the death of Solomon but is taken back when the creature admits it was wrong, again admiring his courage. The Doctor realises that he is slowly becoming more human then asks why he has been summoned. Sec explains that the Daleks have resorted to adapting human flesh in order to survive as a race, and reveals thousands of frozen brain-dead bodies suspended above them.

He lowers one of them, and the Doctor examines it, as Sec explains that they have removed all traces of human nature. The Time Lords asks from where the power to convert every body will be obtained and Sec orders for the conductor plan to be opened.

Martha, meanwhile, realises that her mission may have something to do with the energy conductor the Daleks spoke of in the sewers and goes to ask Frank what the Dalekanium has to do with the device.

Sec explains that with a high enough blast of gamma radiation the energy conductor will awaken the frozen bodies and fill them with his own DNA. A solar flare from the sun will soon hit the Earth and power the converter. He then asks the Doctor to help him restore emotions to the new Dalek army, but his counterparts are not convinced of his plans. Sec proclaims that their quest for supremacy has led them to near extinction and they must now change.

Elsewhere in the building Martha, Frank and Tallulah have used the psychic paper to access one of the lifts, and begin to make their way to the top floor.

Sec asks the Doctor to alter the gene sequence of the new army but the Time Lord is not convinced the other Daleks will allow the change. However they insist that they will follow orders and after Sec explains that he wishes to take the new race to a new planet (and leave Earth in peace) the Doctor agrees to help.

Martha and her new friends arrive at the top of the building and find new building plans for the spire of the building; something has been changed in the past few hours. She and Frank begin trying to locate the change as Tallulah admires the view.

In the laboratory the Doctor and Sec begin their work but the Time Lord is concerned about the pig slaves, whom he learns will live no longer than few weeks. He apologises to the irreversibly deformed Laszlo and promises him that no one else shall suffer his fate.

Up above Martha and Tallulah discuss the Doctor, and Martha reveals that she worries if her companion really cares for her; he still seems infatuated with his lost friend Rose. Conversation turns to Laszlo, and tearfully Tallulah admits that the Daleks have taken the only thing in her life that she cared about.

Soon the feeding lines to the frozen bodies in the lab are ready and the gene solution begins to disperse as the storm approaches. Martha finally discovers the change in the building plans; panels of Dalekanium have been added to the lightening conductor on top of the building.

However, all is not well in the sewers. Suddenly alarms sound and the Doctor realises that the three remaining Daleks have bypassed the gene feed, reversing the Doctor’s alterations. They turn on Sec and order the pig slaves to hold him. Laszlo grabs the Doctor and they run to the lift. They ascend but Laszlo is having difficulty breathing.

They arrive at the top floor and find Martha, who explains that changes to the energy converter. With six minutes to go the Doctor ascends to the mast above, leaving Martha to deal with the pig slaves approaching in the lift.

Thunder rumbles around the city as the Doctor begins his work. With the aid of the sonic screwdriver he begins to detach the panels. Below, Laszlo tries to help Tallulah and the others defend the top floor but collapses in strain. Suddenly Martha has an idea and begins constructing a maze of metallic piping, leading from the scaffolding to the lift door. The lightening strike will still fill the building with electricity and if this can be channelled to the lift the pig slaves will be electrocuted.

The Doctor succeeds in removing one of the panels but drops the sonic screwdriver. He tries in vain to rip the remaining two panels by hand but realises it is too late. He lurches forward and grabs the mast in his hands. The lightening hits and the electricity courses through his body. Below, Martha’s plan succeeds and even further down in the laboratory the new Dalek army awakens as the new DNA is transmitted.

Martha begins to feel remorse for the dead pig slaves but Laszlo insists the Daleks had already killed them. She then remembers the Doctor and ascends to the roof.

In the laboratory the new army identify themselves as Daleks and with orders to capture Manhattan and convert it’s population in order to start a world conquest they begin to disperse, arming themselves with Dalek weaponry.

On the roof the Doctor lies motionless on the floor, as Martha arrives with his Sonic Screwdriver. She notices the Dalekanium panels still attached to the mast and the Doctor leaps to his feet. Down below Sec is held in chains as Dalek Caan designates himself Controller.

The Doctor realises that with the new army spreading out across the sewers he must try and draw them out into he open. He decides to use the theatre and hurries with the others toward the service elevator. Not long after they arrive and the Doctor begins to put his plan in motion, using the Sonic Screwdriver to send out a signal as Tallulah looks after the ailing Laszlo.

Suddenly the room fills with the Dalek army, and on the stage Dalek Jast and Dalek Thay blast into view, Sec held between them in chains. They proclaim that Earth will become the new Skaro, and the last Time Lord will be killed in the process. Both the Doctor and Sec warn them that their visions will not come to fruition but they proceed and exterminate Sec.

The Doctor confronts the new army and orders them to kill him, but as Caan notes, they have changed. The soldiers do not fire; instead they question their orders. The Doctor explains that the lightening strike passed through him first, the army contains his own DNA as well as that of the Daleks. In fury the pure Daleks open fire and a battle soon ensures.

Both Jast and Thay are destroyed, but Caan has the last word, destroying all of the hybrids from his control centre. As the Doctor points out, they have committed genocide.

He returns to the laboratory where he and Dalek Caan stand alone. The Time Lord claims that he is the only man left in existence that will show him some compassion, and having seen one genocide he will not cause another. He offers to help but Caan has other ideas.

“Emergency Temporal Shift”

And in a flash of light he is gone, leaving the Doctor standing alone. Martha and Tallulah enter with Laszlo, who is close to death. The Doctor vows that no more will die on this day and with an entire laboratory at his fingertips, soon he is setting about his work. Soon the deformed stagehand is fit and well again, ready to live out his days with Tallulah in Hooverville.

The Doctor and Martha return to the TARDIS and Marta apologises to him that the Dalek escaped again, she knows how much it means to him. He admits that one day he will meet the creature again.

“One day.”


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