Daleks’ Invasion Earth:2150AD (1966) – Movie Guide


Tom Campbell (Bernard Cribbins), a London police officer, is on patrol near a jewellery store. Men are burgling the shop and Tom is struck down by their getaway driver before he can stop them escaping. Running to what appears to be a police box to call for backup, Tom unwittingly enters TARDIS, a time machine inhabited by its creator, Dr. Who (Peter Cushing), along with his niece Louise (Jill Curzon) and his granddaughter Susan (Roberta Tovey).

The Doctor moves Tardis forward in time to the year 2150, where they find that London has been reduced to an empty, ruined landscape of partially demolished buildings. The Daleks, one-time adversaries of the Doctor, have invaded Earth and ravaged entire continents, while the remnants of human civilisation have formed underground resistance movements. Some captured humans have been turned into deadened, emotionless slaves called Robomen, but the majority have been taken to the Dalek mining complex in Bedfordshire, where the aliens’ excavations extend to the core of the Earth.

Louise and Susan are taken in by a group of rebels based in the London Underground, led by Wyler (Andrew Keir), David (Ray Brooks), and the wheelchair-bound Dortmun (Godfrey Quigley). Meanwhile, Tom and the Doctor are captured by a squad of Robomen and taken onboard a Dalek spaceship, where they are placed in a cell with a man called Craddock (Kenneth Watson). The Doctor realises that the door is sealed by magnetism and breaks the connection with a plastic comb, but he is unaware that escaping from the cell is merely an “intelligence test” devised by the Daleks to determine which prisoners should be robotised. However, while the Doctor, Tom and Craddock are undergoing robotisation, the rebels launch an attack on the spaceship with hand-held bombs. During the battle, the Doctor flees with David while Tom and Louise, who is knocked unconscious by one of the bombs, stow away in a deserted part of the ship. The Daleks emerge victorious and take off for the Bedford mine with few prisoner losses.

Wyler, having lost virtually all his contingent, returns alone to the rebel hideout, where Dortmun and Susan are waiting. The group commandeer a van to rendezvous with any remaining survivors in Watford, but Dortmun is killed in an encounter with a Dalek patrol and Wyler and Susan are forced to abandon the vehicle before it is destroyed by the Dalek spaceship. Resolving that the Doctor would avoid the Daleks in Watford, Wyler and Susan set off for the Bedford mine. David and the Doctor are indeed heading for the same destination, but are confronted by Brockley (Philip Madoc), an unscrupulous contraband smuggler, who seizes their rifle in exchange for a promise to get them safely into the complex.

Eventually, the spaceship touches down at the mine. Tom and Louise exit the craft through a waste disposal chute and take refuge from the Daleks inside a tool shed. Meanwhile, Wyler and Susan shelter at a hut owned by a pair of spinsters (Eileen Way and Sheila Steafel) who repair slave workers’ clothes in return for freedom and food. However, the women betray them to the Daleks out of desperation for extra provisions.

In the morning David and the Doctor are brought into the mine by Brockley, where they are reunited with Tom and Louise. One of the miners, Conway (Keith Marsh), reveals that the Daleks are planning to drop a bomb into their mineshaft to punch out the Earth’s core, which will be replaced with a giant motor enabling the aliens to pilot Earth to their home world of Skaro. However, the Doctor learns that the old shaft leads to a point of convergence between the North and South Magnetic Poles and deduces that, if the bomb were deflected down this path, the magnetic energy unleashed by the explosion would be powerful enough to suck the metal Daleks into the core of the Earth while leaving humanity unscathed.

As Tom and Conway leave to alter the bomb’s trajectory, the Doctor orders David and Louise to create a diversion while he chooses to remain in the tool shed. Brockley offers to help the Doctor and escorts him outside – where the scientist is unsurprised to discover a detachment of Daleks waiting to take him away. The treacherous Brockley then tries to evade capture himself, only for the Daleks to destroy the tool shed with him inside.

In the mineshaft, Tom and Conway run into Craddock who, having succumbed to the robotisation onboard the spaceship, is now a Roboman. Fighting to the death, Conway and Craddock fall into the shaft. Tom removes the timbers boarding up the entrance to the old shaft and then rushes back up to ground level.

Transferred to the Dalek command centre for extermination, the Doctor discovers Wyler and Susan. In the control room the inventor seizes an opportunity to distract the Daleks and speaks into the Robomen’s command circuit, ordering them to turn against their masters. As the Robomen fight the Daleks the Doctor escapes with Wyler and Susan, while the slave workers flee from the mine. The Daleks defeat the Robomen’s revolt and release their bomb into the shaft. Tom has successfully altered the route, however. The device is deflected into the disused shaft and detonates at the pole convergence. The Daleks, overwhelmed by the resultant magnetism, are pulled into the Earth’s core and destroyed. Meanwhile the spaceship, having just taken off, is brought crashing down onto the complex in a massive explosion.

Later the Doctor, Tom, Louise and Susan return to the past. The Doctor materialises Tardis a few seconds before the jewellery store raid, giving Tom enough time to knock out the burglars before they can get away with their loot. The Doctor, Louise and Susan wave Tom goodbye as he drives off to the police station with the unconscious criminals.


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