Alternate Remixes: Opening Title Sequences

As I’m going away for a few weeks, I thought I’d share this rather fun take on alternative Doctor Who themes I found on YouTube. There are 10 alternative mixes of the familiar tunes that we know, fused together with the video title sequences. It should keep you happy until I get back!

For the anoraks amongst you, here’s the breakdown of what you’re listening to:

0:00-0:50 1st Dr – Dr. Who – Eric Winstone & His Orchestra

0:48-1:10 2nd Dr – Dr. Who – Don Harper’s Homo Electronicus

1:10-2:35 3rd Dr – “Who is the Doctor” – Sung by Jon Pertwee, Theme performed by Rupert Hine

4th Dr – Dr. Who – Geoff Love & His Orchestra

late 4th Dr/5th Dr – Dr.Who: Cosmic Remix – Mankind

6th Dr – Doctor Who: Terror Version – Dominic Glynn

7th Dr – Doctorin’ the TARDIS (Instrumental) – The Timelords/The KLF

8th Dr – Dr.Who – Mark Ayres

9th Dr – Dr.Who – The London Theatre Orchestra

10th Dr – Doctor? – Orbital


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