3rd Doctor: Opening Title Sequence

Series 7 was the first to be made in colour. Jon Pertwee’s face replaced Troughton’s in the titles, re-designed via “howlaround” with red and green swirling flames and climaxing with another new logo design. Delia Derbyshire’s theme arrangement was given a third new edit, retaining the spangles but shortening the opening bars and, for series 7-9 adding a “stutter start”. Closing music changed too, standardised at 52″ and 1’12”, starting with the now-famous radiophonic scream.

Inspired by the stunning hyperspace sequence climaxing Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001, Bernard Lodge re-designed the Doctor Who titles again in 1973. For series 11, “howlaround” was dropped in favour of a technique known as “slit-scan”, in which multiple exposures of light refracting in plastic were filmed through slots in black card on a rostrum. Lodge also re-designed the series logo as a diamond.


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