The Next Doctor…really?

Now that the speculation about David Morrisey being the next doctor has died down and finally been put to rest as rubbish. The rumour mill has started again with another actor. This time, more controversial than the rumours about having a female Doctor. This time the rumour mill is stating that the next Doctor will be black.

Paterson Joseph to be precise. Paterson is no stranger to Doctor Who having played Roderick in the Season 1 episode, Bad Wolf.

As the Doctor has stated on many occasions, he never knows what he may turn into. The idea of a black Doctor doesn’t send me running, I’ll still watch the show, but the purists who screamed over the rumours of Jennifer Saunders taking a stint in the TARDIS will have apoplexy over this one.

I’m sure the daily tabloids will also have a field day coming up with headlines if this rumour turns out to be true!

As with the Doctor himself, only time will tell if the rumour becomes reality and we’ll all have to wait until 2010.

I still fancy the idea of Sean Pertwee in the role myself, that would be fitting and in a small way kind of comforting too. You see I’m a 3rd Doctor man myself, he was my first and all the others, including Tom Baker just never seemed right. Sylvester McCoy came in close, but just never quite made it.


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